Universal - Jun 27 2008

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Clues Answers
''... and to ___ good night'' ALLA
''... man ___ mouse?'' ORA
''Comus'' composer Thomas ARNE
''M*A*S*H'' soft drink NEHI
''Must-___'' (NBC slogan) SEETV
''The Seven Year Itch'' co-star Tom EWELL
''What are you, some kind of ___?'' ANUT
''Wouldya like to?'' WANNA
27-Across, e.g. SODA
Afternoon hour in Bonn DREI
Alphabetical run CDEF
Bacon unit for a butcher SLAB
Bird with a white tail ERN
BLT ingredient LETTUCE
Coated with gold GILT
Come to a screeching halt? SKID
Conspicuous OVERT
Court WOO
Declines rapidly TAKESANOSEDIVE
Eyelid problem STYE
Female reproductive gland OVARY
Flatten the flat RASE
Flick with Beatty and Keaton REDS
General on Chinese menus TSO
Grp. on the range? NRA
Hand clicker CASTANET
He'll let you know if you're out of bounds REF
Insignificant amount DROPINTHEBUCKET
Island near Mull IONA
Kin of -ette or -trix ENNE
Like a not-quite-ready computer program GLITCHY
Like many doors SLIDING
Make tidy NEATEN
Martini & ___ vermouth ROSSI
McGregor of ''Moulin Rouge!'' EWAN
Metaphor for easiness FALLINGOUTOFBED
Monsieur Matisse HENRI
Clues Answers
Musical wrap-ups CODAS
NHL or old NFL team OILERS
Nickel and dime COINS
Nonworking IDLE
Ogling person EYER
Old biddy HEN
One of the Barbary States TUNISIA
Opposite of 'neath OER
Phobia FEAR
Price twice RETAG
Put an ___ (stop) ENDTO
Ration (out) DOLE
Russian river LENA
Seven and eleven, in Vegas NATURALS
Shelved ONICE
Some winter Olympic athletes DOWNHILLRACERS
Something to pitch TENT
Spy Mata HARI
Start to commute? TELE
Subsides EBBS
Supply and demand subj. ECON
The Aragon flows into it EBRO
The one that didn't get away KEEPER
The Ugly Duckling, eventually SWAN
They take their best shot CAMERAS
Tilts to one side LISTS
Title in a da Vinci masterpiece MONA
Treebeard in ''The Lord of the Rings'' ENT
Turn indicator SIGNAL
Two make a Latin dance CHAS
Up-to-the-minute LATEST
Using clippers? ASEA
Vitamin bottle abbreviation RDA
Word with ''foreign'' or ''first'' AID
Yellow Monopoly bills TENS
___ Tin Tin (TV dog of old) RIN