The Washington Post - Jun 17 2016

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Clues Answers
'Assuming that is the case ...' IFSO
'Sure, go ahead' OKAYBYME
'Won't work' NOPE
Actress Swenson INGA
Anise-flavored liqueur OUZO
Archipelago parts ISLETS
Arctic hazard BERG
Area where the unhip hang out? SQUAREZONE
Auction, e.g SALE
Backspace, perhaps ERASE
Bedroom pieces CHESTS
Blue hue AQUA
Book club member who opts for an online synopsis? LAZYREADER
Chin smoother RAZOR
Circle dance HORA
Cry of anticipation OHOH
Deli option RYE
Diminishes WANES
Eliot's Adam BEDE
Fight souvenir, maybe SCAR
Fixture that may have claw feet TUB
Garden center bagful SOIL
Go quickly SCOOT
HDTV brand RCA
He portrayed Nick in 'Gone Girl' BEN
Henry VIII's house TUDOR
How stock may be bought ONATIP
Idyllic regions EDENS
Interest level RATE
IPA component ALE
Jimmy Carter's Georgia birthplace PLAINS
Kerry's department STATE
Leavening agent YEAST
Like some bacon SMOKED
Lithographer's material ACID
Long lunches? HEROS
Medley makeup SONGS
Men's apparel brand IZOD
Clues Answers
Mogul who owns 'Rent-a-Thug'? MUSCLECZAR
Most reasonable SANEST
Neo-pagan religion WICCA
No longer happening OVER
Not skilled in POORAT
Online investment site ETRADE
Pain in the neck PEST
Part of the plans on 'Flip or Flop' DECOR
Part of UAE ARAB
Pedometer measure STEP
Physics particle ATOM
Pleasant surprise TREAT
Ponder MULL
Port-au-Prince's land HAITI
Pump numbers OCTANES
Quite a few bucks? DEER
Reach a maximum PEAK
Reporter's project STORY
Rock's Jethro ___ TULL
Ruin the secret BLAB
Seat of Nevada's Washoe County RENO
Self-titled 1990s band album NSYNC
Signal to begin speaking TONE
Spiritual leader? ESS
Sporty autos, for short ALFAS
Squad on its own field HOMETEAM
Stir-fry veggie SNOWPEA
Tallow source SUET
Tasseled topper FEZ
Theological inst SEM
They leave little holes in walls TACKS
They may be boneless HAMS
Tick of time for a class clown's antics? ZANYMOMENT
Tiny tunnelers ANTS
Twilled fabric SERGE
Unethical payment BRIBE
Where baguettes bake OVEN
White House advisory gp NSC
Woodland youngsters FAWNS