New York Times - Jun 15 2016

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Clues Answers
'Bah!' FEH
'I can do that for you' LETME
'Shows you!' HAH
A Jackson sister LATOYA
Actress Long NIA
Allen who led the Green Mountain Boys ETHAN
Android alternative IOS
Auditions TRYOUTS
Avenger with a hammer THOR
Billed to be SOLDAS
Bit of name-calling SLUR
Boy Scout uniform part SASH
Braces oneself GETSSET
Buds in Bordeaux AMIS
Cavalry attack CHARGE
College in Portland, Ore REED
Concerning ASTO
Condition affecting TV's Monk, informally OCD
Country that's an extremely close American ally, so to speak FIFTYFIRSTSTATE
Couples cruise ship? ARK
Debonair DASHING
Easier to see PLAINER
Elephantine LARGE
Enjoyable FUN
Fleur-de-___ LYS
Follows ENSUES
Formal response to 'Who goes there?' ITISI
He once asked 'How far down can a thumb go?' EBERT
He won the 1994 U.S. Open in a 20-hole playoff ELS
Hyman ___, main antagonist in 'The Godfather Part II' ROTH
In need of some garage work DENTED
In the wrong place at the wrong time? OFFSIDE
Kimono closer OBI
Late justice Scalia ANTONIN
Like a home purchase without financing ALLCASH
Like monsoon season WET
Luxuries FRILLS
M.L.B. Triple Crown category RBIS
Clues Answers
Meager SCANT
Measure of econ. strength GNP
Mideast group HAMAS
Muscle power SINEW
No-___ zone FLY
Nonbeliever INFIDEL
Not just a THE
Not just if WHEN
One-hit wonder? ACE
Org. for women taking courses? LPGA
Oxymoronic purchase at a blowout sale? TIRE
Pal of Stan on 'South Park' KYLE
Permanent, as bookshelves BUILTIN
Pervades INFUSES
Politico Cruz TED
Pop diva Spears BRITNEY
Power source for a subway train THIRDRAIL
Quid pro quo TRADE
Rant continuation ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme ANDANOTHERTHING
Red card issuer, for short REF
Rejections NOS
Sashimi selection EEL
Scrip writers MDS
Sea eagle ERN
Special perception SIXTHSENSE
Temporary solution STOPGAP
Tesla power source: Abbr ELEC
Theater, design, etc ARTS
They'll check your bag at the airport, for short TSA
Tiny, informally ITSY
Title Seuss character, with 'the' LORAX
Travels à la Huckleberry Finn RAFTS
Unwanted tagalong FIFTHWHEEL
Up in the air, as what to air, for short TBA
Used a rocker, e.g SAT
Word with work or window SHOP
___ embarrassment DIEOF
___ jeans MOM