L.A. Times Daily - Jun 14 2016

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Clues Answers
"At last!" THERE
"Don't worry about me" IMOK
"Give me a break!" OHMAN
"Light" sci-fi weapon SABER
"Little Women" novelist ALCOTT
"Money __ object" ISNO
"Rubáiyát" poet OMAR
"The ability to fully experience life," per Thoreau WEALTH
*"Drove my Chevy to the levee" Don McLean hit AMERICANPIE
*Colorful sushi creation RAINBOWROLL
*Future attorney's hurdle STATEBAR
*Polite applause on the tee GOLFCLAP
*Vessel for Captain Jack Sparrow PIRATESHIP
*Where hockey transgressors cool their heels PENALTYBOX
Affectionate attention, briefly TLC
Ancient Greek region IONIA
Cackling scavenger HYENA
Camping gear brand REI
Catch sight of ESPY
Clod chopper HOE
Colors, as hair DYES
Decide one will OPTTO
Down the road AHEAD
Draft classification ONEA
Drink-cooling shapes CUBES
Exercise, as power WIELD
Family girl SIS
Farm sci AGR
Film snippets CLIPS
Fired, with "off" LAID
Fly like a moth FLIT
Follower on Twitter, informally TWEEP
Fräulein's abode HAUS
From scratch AFRESH
Function USE
Go wrong ERR
Gravel unit STONE
Green soup base PEA
Clues Answers
Harp constellation LYRA
Hot dog holder BUN
Issue a ticket to CITE
Jimmy Fallon asset WIT
June 14th observance ... and a hint to the first word in the answers to starred clues FLAGDAY
London insurance giant LLOYDS
Look carefully PEER
Many a sports trophy CUP
Mascara target LASH
Neighborhood AREA
NFL gains YDS
Notable time ERA
Oil-bearing rocks SHALES
Oinker's pen STY
Online crafts shop ETSY
Organ associated with ill temper SPLEEN
Perfumer Lauder ESTEE
Physical attractiveness SEXAPPEAL
Ramada __ INN
Sandy or Roberto of baseball ALOMAR
Second family of the 1990s GORES
Shoppe adjective OLDE
Shout of discovery EUREKA
Shower stall alternative, if it fits TUB
Silly to the extreme SLAPHAPPY
So very uncool LAME
Sound confirming a locked car door BEEP
Sudoku section ROW
Thoreau work ESSAY
Told tall tales LIED
TV's "Kate & __" ALLIE
Unloaded? SOBER
Voice quality TONE
Water source TAP
Where sleeping dogs lie PETBED
Winner's wreath LAUREL
Zero deg. at the equator, say LAT