New York Times - Jun 7 2016

Clues Answers
'Clear!' procedure, for short DEFIB
'Looking at it a different way,' in texts OTOH
'___ Rosenkavalier' DER
1974-75 pigskin org WFL
20-20, e.g TIE
Actor Kutcher and others ASHTONS
Avert more serious losses STOPTHEBLEEDING
Bygone Ugandan despot IDIAMIN
Certain military hazards, for short IEDS
Classical exemplars of steadfast friendship DAMONANDPYTHIAS
Comedian Patton ___ OSWALT
Company shake-up, for short REORG
Dairy ___ AISLE
Durham sch UNH
Evening, in ads NITE
Façade feature CEDILLA
Fanatic NUT
Former Indian P.M. Gandhi INDIRA
Four or five, say SOME
German-based G.M. subsidiary OPEL
Germany's ___ Valley RUHR
GPS suggestion: Abbr RTE
Hagen of stage and screen UTA
Hairy primate APE
Harvesting machines REAPERS
Having one's business mentioned in a news article, e.g FREEPR
Hero war pilot ACE
Hide out LIELOW
Hite of 'The Hite Report' SHERE
Hole in one's shoe EYELET
Homer Simpson cry DOH
How George Harrison's guitar 'weeps' GENTLY
Humane Society pickups STRAYS
Improper attire at a fancy restaurant TSHIRT
Indian tribe that lent its name to a county in Nebraska OTOE
Insult, informally DIS
Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.: Abbr STE
Korean performer with a monster 2012 international hit PSY
Clues Answers
Like many exhausts DUAL
Little rodents, jocularly MEECE
Make sopping wet DRENCH
Modern prefix with gender CIS
North-of-the-border station ESSO
Not-so-hairy primates MEN
Oxide in rubies and sapphires ALUMINA
Pants, in slang TROU
Pastoral poem IDYL
Patriot Allen ETHAN
Popular setting for 17-/18-/19-Across NEEDLEPOINT
Possession of property TENANCY
Q*___ (1980s arcade game) BERT
River to the Rhône ISERE
See 17-Across HOME
See 17-Across SWEET
See 47-Across HOUSE
See 47-Across STORY
Semiconductor devices DIODES
Shapes of bacilli bacteria RODS
Small flycatchers PHOEBES
Something a scanner scans, in brief UPC
Sporty car feature TTOP
State that voted Republican by the highest percentage (73%) in the 2012 presidential election UTAH
Stein filler ALE
Suit coat feature LAPEL
Swinger's target at a party PINATA
Up to now YET
Was down with HAD
Watches intently PEERSAT
What initials on something may signify ASSENT
Where femurs are located THIGHS
With 18- and 19-Across, classic song that starts ''Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam' HOME
With 53- and 56-Across, certain abode THREE
Yale, affectionately OLDELI
___ tai (drink) MAI