The Chronicle of Higher Education - Jun 10 2016

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Clues Answers
'Ain't gonna happen!' UHUH
'Men in Black' extras, for short ETS
'Now he belongs to the ___' AGES
'The Muppet Show' sax player ZOOT
'The Smartest Guys in the Room' subject ENRON
'Where the Sidewalk Ends' author Silverstein SHEL
'Who goes there?' comeback ITISI
'___ by the Ocean' (platinum single of 2016) CAKE
Adjective for many Oscar Wilde lines ARCH
Admitting a draft, as a door AJAR
Ashcroft v. ___ (2004 privacy case) ACLU
Auto last manufactured in the 1930s REO
Barbecue spot PATIO
Barbed remarks DIGS
Book after Daniel HOSEA
Branch of Buddhism ZEN
Certain conveyance from Heathrow MINICAB
Clark Kent's birth father JOREL
Class that needs dummies CPR
Common Yosemite sight HIKER
Coventry coolers GAOLS
Creepy EERIE
Declare forcefully AVER
Dessert wine PORT
Domicile ABODE
Exeunt ___ (stage direction) OMNES
Far from cordial ICY
Folkie who chronicled Alice ARLO
Fraternity X's CHIS
Gdansk native POLE
Georg with a physics law OHM
High-end stationery RAGPAPER
Joanie Cunningham, to Richie SIS
Kenneth Lay or Jeffrey Skilling, vis-à-vis 52 Down CEO
Letters on an old ruble CCCP
Like Edward Teller? PROFUSION
Like Hermann Rorschach? PROTEST
Like Jeane Dixon? PROVISIONS
Clues Answers
Like John Deere? PROTRACTOR
Like Joseph Pulitzer? PROSCRIBE
Memo opener, often FYI
Merchant-ship officer, briefly BOSN
Mitigates ASSUAGES
Nautical lead-in? ASTRO
Need a massage, maybe ACHE
Not going rogue INSTEP
Not neutral PARTISAN
NYC Beatles concert venue of 1965 SHEA
Oak-leaf feature LOBE
Onetime Pawnee neighbors OTOES
Oscar winner for playing Cyrano de Bergerac in 1950 FERRER
Papa John's order PIZZA
Playwright who coined the term 'robot' CAPEK
Pleasure seeker HEDONIST
Pocketful of song POSIES
Practical USEFUL
Reviewers of books, briefly CPAS
Rodeo wear CHAPS
Sees romantically DATES
Shoreline shelters COVES
Slump SAG
Small thicket COPSE
Soviet premier Kosygin ALEKSEI
Stops procrastinating ACTS
Swiss river seen from the Gelmerbahn funicular AAR
System of servitude PEONAGE
Takes back REVOKES
They may be cloned PCS
Turbine part ROTOR
Verse often inspired by nature HAIKU
Victim of Maleficent's curse AURORA
Vienna-based gp. with no European members OPEC
Wolf-pack leader ALPHA
Workout hubs GYMS
___ steak (hot dog) TUBE