L.A. Times Daily - Jun 20 2008

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Clues Answers
"Cotton Comes to Harlem" director Davis OSSIE
"Don't look at me!" NOTI
"Get __ here!" OUTA
"The hour __ hand": Matthew ISAT
Appears ARISES
Appears gradually FADESIN
Assign liberally HEAPON
Band from the East? OBI
Be paralyzed by money woes? FREEZEFROMDEBT
Big name in plastic VISA
Big part LEAD
Bum muscle? GLUTEUS
Cameo shape OVAL
Chatters GABS
Confirmation, say RITE
Conquistador's quest ORO
Corrida cheer OLE
Crazy __ EIGHTS
Cruet contents OIL
D-Day craft LST
Diamond pentagon PLATE
Don Juan's mother INEZ
Electric co. UTIL
Equal-share word APIECE
Eur. language GER
Fly, at times LURE
Furlong's 220: Abbr. YDS
Game that almost everyone loses LOTTO
Grab a lantern? SEIZETHELIGHT
Hair-managing aids RAZORS
Handles gently, with "on" GOESEASY
Impart LEND
Island off Tuscany ELBA
J.K. Rowling, for one AUTHOR
Kabul's country, to the IOC AFG
Clues Answers
Kind of cat? HEP
Kindled LIT
King Harald's father OLAV
L.A.-to-N.Y. dir. ENE
Lawyer's suit, maybe? ARMANI
Like some appetites, in ads MANSIZED
Mandlikova of tennis HANA
Many a college course, informally OLOGY
Market SELL
Memo heading INRE
MGM icon LEO
Monte of Cooperstown IRVIN
Nice pupil ELEVE
On the __ FRITZ
Ongoing confusion? DAZEOFOURLIVES
Online finance company ELOAN
Orders takeout, say EATSIN
Party wheel BRIE
Plead not guilty DENYIT
Pump abbr. REG
Relax, commuter-style? LAZEONTHELINE
Riga denizen LETT
Sashimi fish AHI
Scale starter CDEF
Similar AKIN
Something users protect against SURGE
Sp. titles SRAS
Start at a campsite IGNITE
Steel girder IBEAM
Tot's supper DINDIN
Turkish title AGA
Ultimate goal ENDALL
Very smart CHIC
Wahine's gift LEI
Wearer of #37, the first uniform number retired by the Mets STENGEL
Wider at one end FLARED
Winged goddess NIKE