Universal - May 31 2016

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Clues Answers
"Assuming that's true ..." IFSO
"Gigi" novelist COLETTE
"Groovy!" NEATO
"Snowy" bird EGRET
Actor/politician Thompson FRED
Baloney LIES
Bibliography abbr ETAL
Box opener of myth PANDORA
Bug-eyed AGOG
Covered with smudges SMEARY
Dethroner of Foreman ALI
Did 100, say SPED
Doubles team member NETMAN
Easy infield catch POPUP
Farm machinery pioneer DEERE
Flavorful, as a grape WINY
Forest females DOES
French Sudan, today MALI
Full of cusswords SALTY
Galileo's birthplace PISA
Gives in under pressure CAVES
Gossip fodder DIRT
Goulash, e.g STEW
Grapefruit serving HALF
Hagen of stage and screen UTA
Hard drink, maybe CIDER
Hebrew for "skyward" ELAL
Honda model CIVIC
Ice cream thickener AGAR
In charge of OVER
In the style of ALA
Info, informally DOPE
Inner-city blight SLUM
Isolated, as a people INSULAR
It's mostly nitrogen AIR
Knee-slapper RIOT
Lawn figure GNOME
Leeds' river AIRE
Clues Answers
Made "it," on the playground TAGGED
Mall binge SPREE
Man with a van, perhaps MOVER
Mars vehicle ROVER
Message runner PAGE
NASA beverage TANG
Needling remark BARB
One bringing home the bacon EARNER
Parti-colored PIED
Paul McCartney's given first name JAMES
Pint-sized TINY
Pizzazz ELAN
Playwright Chekhov ANTON
Poor, as excuses go LAME
Prince William attended it ETON
Pseudo-cultured ARTY
Pull a sulky, say TROT
Sacked out INBED
Sank, as a putt MADE
Sen. Cruz TED
Shire of "Rocky" movies TALIA
Shoulder bag feature STRAP
Six-sided gaming piece DIE
Springsteen's birthplace, in song USA
Successful solver's cry DONE
Sweetie HON
Time until about 410 AD, in Britain ROMANERA
Total transformation MAKEOVER
Trig function SINE
Trunk in a museum TORSO
Tummy trouble AGITA
Urban rap genre GANGSTA
Way too thin BONY
Wolfish look OGLE
Work in a loft, maybe PAINT