New York Times - Jun 19 2008

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Clues Answers
'I'll be with you shortly ...' ONESEC
'Nope, still not right' GUESSAGAIN
Always bouncing back RESILIENT
Chemical element with the symbol Fe NEON
Collection of teams LEAGUE
Corn dish PONE
Crane, e.g. ERECTOR
Currency of China YEN
Discounted item: Abbr. IRR
Dwarf planet larger than Pluto ERIS
Father of Jacob ESAU
Flat things? LEASES
Flow slowly SEEP
Former pharmaceutical giant GTE
Former Romanian leader Ion ___ ILIESCU
France's ___ von Bismarck OTTO
Gets it wrong ERRS
Golf great Andre AGASSI
Hardly soothes GRATES
Hold back REPRESS
It's more than 90 degrees ACUTEANGLE
Job ad abbr. EOE
Job seeker's fashion advice DRESSFORSUCCESS
Kind of dog SEEINGEYE
Mill input LOG
Monopoly quartet: Abbr. RRS
Mother of Calcutta TERESA
Narrow passage: Abbr. STR
Nickname on the Houston Rockets starting in 2004 TMAC
Clues Answers
Number of clues in this puzzle that contain factual inaccuracies TEN
One step from the majors AAA
One way to lay things TOREST
One who exhibits pack mentality? CIGARETTESMOKER
Out of: Ger. AUS
Part of E.E.C.: Abbr. EUR
Places for La-Z-Boys DENS
Possible name for the first decade of the century OUGHTS
Preemie setting: Abbr. ICU
Prefix with center EPI
Road access regulators TOLLGATES
Rogue CAD
San ___, Calif. RAFAEL
Silverstein who wrote and illustrated 'The Giving Tree' SHEL
Solution strength: Abbr. CONC
Sooner OKIE
Standard office-closing time NINEAM
Suffix with palm ETTO
Sum derives from it ESSE
Summer hrs. in N.Y.C. EST
Tennis champ Ernie ELS
Terrible one? ENFANT
Th.D. subj. REL
Time to lie in le soleil? ETE
Turkish pooh-bah AGA
Uncommissioned ONSPEC
Verdi's '___ tu' ERI
Who quipped 'God tells me how the music should sound, but you stand in the way' ARTUROTOSCANINI
Writing that's hard to read SECRETCODE