The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,611 - May 27 2016

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Clues Answers
Announced pool vigil for high-flying colonial? KITTIWAKE
Awful chat-up about unknown husband's lack of shame CHUTZPAH
Could it be served in De Luxe restaurant? XERES
Councillor, somehow insane, cracks CRANNIES
Cut leading couple out of short routine ETCH
Elegant clubs curtailed bumpkin CHIC
European staff headed by Cockney partner DUTCHMAN
Expose rupture in report such as George might deploy AIRBRAKE
Financial guide in parts expired unexpectedly with 100 seized PRICEINDEX
Flies undone by this? INSECTREPELLENT
I'm amazed -- pub -- party -- it's all coming back in general HANNIBAL
Let down second American soldier left in pass DISGRUNTLE
Mark catching half-followed Eastern hacker SCIMITAR
Moderate carapace supporting tons? TONEDOWN
Monk's society set to enter storm perhaps RASPUTIN
Clues Answers
One apparently assigned duty to revel ROISTER
One short term for Oxford perhaps needing extra time UNIT
Place article in fast food PIAZZA
Plunge right into nameless giant IMMERSE
Service providers agitate bureau when both fall short CHURCHES
Setting east for Lillehammer, old sled being sent over REGULO
Shell in vehicle that's shifting quickly CARAPACE
Sooner or later hint at leaving INTIME
Stay on courts, nationalistic? PROPATRIA
Take one from a number or take two from another constant EVEN
Unhinged duke banished from Beds town UNSTABLE
Wet kept secret about doubtful statement HUMID
Wetness of silk fabric, about a bolt? Not quite MOISTURE
White man from England once moving over ALBINO