- May 27 2016

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Clues Answers
''Awesome!'' SUPER
''Take a hike!'' SCAT
''That's news to me'' HUH
''Treasure of Sierra Madre'' beasts ASSES
A 49 Down predecessor PESETA
Alto instrument ENGLISHHORN
Assigned duty ROLE
Baby food veggies PEAS
Berth place QUAY
Bike part AXLE
Bisect HALVE
Blockbuster SMASHHIT
Browser's bookmark URL
Bulk-food container BIN
Bundle of energy DOER
Cabaret cost COVER
Call for help PLEA
Certain house holder TREE
Coming up AHEAD
Contemptible one TWERP
Contemptible one CAD
Cultural funding org NEA
Debussy contemporary RAVEL
Disney duckling HUEY
Do away with ERASE
Female mouse DOE
First two-Nobel winner CURIE
Fjord, essentially INLET
Foreign stamp collection VISAS
Game without drawing STUD
Had an inhalation BREATHED
Hikes UPS
Idyllic setting LEA
Illogical step LEAP
Inflexible nature RIGOR
Leaves in a bag TEA
Clues Answers
Letters of credit IOU
Lines connected to labs LEASHES
Long and thin SPIDERY
Maître d's outfit TUX
Media giant HEARST
Migratory fliers TERNS
Money since 2002 EURO
Move slowly EASE
NBC/Fox/Disney partnership HULU
One-way conveyance TBAR
Organic popcorn ingredient SEASALT
Palo Alto automaker TESLA
Pizza topping in Japan EEL
Platypi-to-be EGGS
Potential legislation BILLS
Quebec summer home CHALET
Relay assignment LANE
Road Runner cartoon sight MESA
Sleeping Beauty, e.g PRINCESS
Slow-moving period RUSHHOUR
Song's broadcast time AIRPLAY
Squeezes (by) EKES
Stat PDQ
Symbol of Maine PINE
Taken for a ride DUPED
Terse verse HAIKU
Things with springs OASES
Turkey parts WATTLES
Via, briefly THRU
Was nostalgic ACHED
Won't allow DENIES
Woos successfully WINS
Youngest Olympian EROS
Zinnia cousins DAHLIAS
Zodiac symbol TWINS