USA Today - Jun 18 2008

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Clues Answers
". . . ___ the wild blue yonder" INTO
"30 Rock" network NBC
"Anna Karenina" author Tolstoy LEO
"Batman" star Adam WEST
"Come to ___" PAPA
"Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" singer Stewart ROD
"Downs" partner UPS
"Get me?" SEE
"If it ___ broke, don't fix it!" AINT
"Once Upon a Mattress" legume PEA
"Tat-tat" preceder RATA
''The exotic tangelo from Jamaica'' trademark UGLI
''What did I tell you?'' AHA
A couple in Mexico? DOS
A couple of bucks STAGS
A little loopy DAFT
A tide that's not high EBB
Abandoned DESOLATE
Accessory for Frosty PIPE
Act like a pig OINK
Acted sheepish? BAAED
Advice INPUT
Affliction ILLNESS
Anagram for "seek" EKES
Anguished expression GRIMACE
Art categories GENRES
Ball supporter TEE
Basil-flavored sauce PESTO
Be a nag HARP
Big belly creator, supposedly BEER
Bit for a real nag OAT
Bob Cratchit, for one CLERK
Bog fuel PEAT
Boo-hooed SOBBED
Brand with a swoosh NIKE
Brimless hat CAP
Champagne sample SIP
Citizens of Jerusalem ISRAELIS
Comes out on top BESTS
Completely obliterated ERASED
Corroded RUSTED
Crackerjacks ACES
Crockett's milieu FRONTIER
Degree in mathematics? NTH
Degree without a vowel NTH
Depression in a surface DENT
Deriding expression JEER
Didn't let out of one's sight TAILED
Didn't stiff TIPPED
Dijon thirst-quencher EAU
Diplomat's asset TACT
Direction indicators ARROWS
Due for a change? WET
Ember, in the end ASH
Emulates a daring ride operator? GIVESITAWHIRL
Emulates a dizzy driver? TAKESFORASPIN
Emulates an angry astronaut? GOESINTOORBIT
Even finish TIE
Father of Indira Gandhi NEHRU
Fjord city OSLO
For each one APIECE
Go on the lecture circuit SPEAK
Goes none too quickly PLODS
Grease someone's palm BRIBE
Hall of cinema ANNIE
High dudgeon IRE
Hit a mixer button BLEND
Ice station wear PARKAS
Idol in the Bible BAAL
Indian monarch (Var.) RAJA
Israeli port HAIFA
It makes a shade of difference DYE
It may include some high notes ARIA
Job follower PSALMS
Clues Answers
Khoikhoi, to the Dutch HOTTENTOT
King had a famous one DREAM
Last words of a singles match? IDO
Long, narrow estuaries FIRTHS
Loses muscle tone SAGS
Lowermost deck of a ship ORLOP
Made ''all gone'' ATE
Mag. edition ISS
Make Self improvements? EDIT
Marbles shooter TAW
Mass-transit customer RIDER
Misappropriated STOLE
Money of Thailand BAHT
Most wise SAGEST
Mountain opening CAVE
Mule's sire ASS
Musical passage or direction ARIOSO
Narwhal feature TUSK
Neighbor of Pakistan IRAN
No great shakes SOSO
Off-duty garb MUFTI
Offensively bold CHEEKY
Official emblem INSIGNIA
Old PC monitor CRT
Outing for stalkers SAFARI
Paddler's target REAR
Perform lousily STINK
Perfume allure SCENT
Persian baby KITTEN
Poem of homage ODE
Precarious SHAKY
Predictive cards TAROT
Rejoinder to "'Tain't!" TIS
Remove from power? UNPLUG
Retains HAS
River horse HIPPO
Robert of "Jaws" SHAW
Rug rat MOPPET
Russian summer homes DACHAS
Said aloud ORAL
Serious peak ALP
Shout dreaded by the defense GOAL
Sinai slitherers ASPS
Sis, to bro SIB
Slacked off ABATED
Slender cigar PANATELA
Sound of deliberation HMM
Special period of history ERA
Stack of fireplace logs WOODPILE
Stalled driver's request TOW
Strike force missions ASSAULTS
Suffix with "host" or "priest" ESS
Supply party food CATER
Tabard Inn order ALE
Tendons SINEWS
Terry cloth item ROBE
They might be giants OGRES
Three-time Frazier foe ALI
Toady's answer YES
Toddling troublemaker IMP
Took credit? OWES
Top-notch AONE
Travolta helped popularize it DISCO
Tubular noodles ZITI
Two-way poetic preposition ERE
Type of month or module LUNAR
Up to the job ABLE
Used Schedule A ITEMIZED
Web-footed mammals OTTERS
Where some stick a pick AFRO
Wild plum SLOE
WJM's Baxter TED
Works a kakuro puzzle ADDS
___ out (barely gets) EKES