L.A. Times Daily - May 26 2016

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Clues Answers
"Airplane!" actor Robert HAYS
"Four Quartets" poet ELIOT
"Git!" SHOO
"Homeland" airer, briefly SHO
"Never needs sharpening" brand GINSU
"Snowy" birds EGRETS
"__ the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" ITS
*China server GRAVYBOAT
*Refinery job PIPEFITTING
*Steinbeck novel set in Monterey CANNERYROW
Action word VERB
Advertiser's purchase AIRTIME
African city that hosts an annual international film festival CAIRO
Ale serving MUG
All Hallows' __ EVE
Arduous jobs SLOGS
Become covered with rime FROSTUP
Bike wheel parts SPOKES
Bill encl SAE
Bob Marley song with the lyric "Let's get together and feel all right" ONELOVE
Caustic BITTER
Cpl.'s superior SGT
Dark side YIN
Drag behind TOW
Ford, but not Lincoln VEEP
Gets around EVADES
Gets done in a bakery ICES
Golf club part SHAFT
GPS options RDS
Guy friends BROS
Hanukkah symbol MENORAH
Is in store AWAITS
Lacks being ISNT
Like a few hours after midnight WEE
Mail hub: Abbr GPO
Michaelmas mo SEPT
Modern shortcuts MACROS
Clues Answers
New Orleans feature LEVEE
Obsolescent PC component CRT
Parrier's tool EPEE
Parts of gigs MEGS
Physicist Fermi ENRICO
Poke fun at GIBE
Project at the theater SCREEN
Put on a pedestal DEIFIED
Raise up ENNOBLE
Rent-a-car choice AVIS
Rigel or Arcturus STAR
Rosie, notably RIVETER
Salad green CRESS
Self-defense spray MACE
Showiness ECLAT
Slightly ABIT
Solidified, as plans SET
Some lyric works ODES
Sports schedule advantage BYE
Stick homes NESTS
Story __ ARC
Support for the circus? STILT
Tax form no SSN
Tea ceremony participant GEISHA
Teeth setting GUMS
Texas home of Hardin-Simmons University ABILENE
The U.K.'s Pitt the Elder and Pitt the Younger PMS
Utah metropolis, initially SLC
Viennese "a" EIN
Wait patiently BIDE
Wall Street announcement ... or a hint to the circled letters STOCKSPLIT
Way out DOOR
Where the Zambezi flows AFRICA
With respect to FOR
Word to a captain AYE