The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,123 - May 25 2016

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Clues Answers
Act on vote for mechanism legalising new handle DEEDPOLL
Answer supplied to previous Italian course PASTA
Basic principles of supporters with piles BRASSTACKS
Carol hoards stuff, just a few scraps SMATTERING
Cold interior renovated as standard CRITERION
Declines home visits DROPSIN
Drive off, with film finishing early SHOO
Everybody playing trusts this, oddly TUTTI
Frenchman is up bearing cherished weapon SIDEARM
Fruit firms supported by eccentric COCONUT
Garment that's a source of penance in church CAPE
Genuine refined oil in rag ORIGINAL
Heat produced by converting coal runs island energy CALORIE
Home treatment offers this measure METRE
How one might cook for brood? STEW
Material requiring time and determination TWILL
Clues Answers
Neglected poor two-timed wife going off OMITTED
Paper put on record DOCUMENT
Party animal STAG
Plain this person is depressed by green set recycling SERENGETI
Servants need yen to be restricted by directions LACKEYS
Skilful student having been accepted for pottery DELFT
Slight gasp aired in uproar DISPARAGE
Sorry to repeat visit COMEAGAIN
Surge catching east wind WEAVE
Taking offence THEFT
Testing area of curve on subway? WINDTUNNEL
Those guys should avoid hard Post Office beat TEMPO
Tripe, fish and chips, finally beer CODSWALLOP
Type that is wearing glasses SPECIES
Window when set in mortar CASEMENT
Works out, seeing others mostly surrounding a lad REASONS