- Jun 17 2008

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Clues Answers
''Now we're in trouble!'' UHOH
''Star Trek'' genre SCIFI
''Top Gun'' star TOMCRUISE
Architect's design PLAN
Army beds COTS
At no cost FREE
Beginning stage ONSET
Bend in a road CURVE
Bering and Baltic SEAS
Black bird RAVEN
Black-and-white cookie OREO
Bride's new title, often MRS
Bullets, briefly AMMO
By oneself ALONE
Close tightly SHUT
Clutter-free NEAT
College military unit: Abbr. ROTC
Concoct, as a plan HATCH
Conscience-stricken feeling GUILTTRIP
Cookie holder JAR
Creative thought IDEA
Crocs' cousins GATORS
Date with an MD APPT
Debtor's letters IOU
Demean ABASE
Dublin-born IRISH
Eager to sleep TIRED
Experienced tradesperson JOURNEYMAN
False name ALIAS
Farm enclosures PENS
Film excerpts CLIPS
First-class AONE
Float __ (provide financing) ALOAN
Forgets to mention OMITS
Funny performer COMIC
Group of athletes TEAM
High-fiber cereal BRAN
Horses' paces GAITS
Clues Answers
Jeans color BLUE
Kids' outdoor winter creations SNOWMEN
Lavish celebration FETE
Making no sound SILENT
Marching-band instrument FLUTE
Marsh growth REED
Massage RUB
Merit-badge earners SCOUTS
Minstrel's instrument LUTE
Most Jordanians ARABS
Not wordy TERSE
Paving material TAR
Poisonous snakes ASPS
Poker-hand starter ANTE
Prepared, as apples CORED
Proof-of-age items, for short IDS
Ready for customers OPEN
Ready for picking RIPE
Region AREA
Rich dessert TORTE
Self-satisfied PROUD
Singing syllable TRA
Small piano SPINET
Soccer score GOAL
Soda-bottle size LITER
Soup vessels POTS
Stands in line WAITS
Starlet's goal FAME
Steak preference RARE
Stepped heavily TROD
Stint in the military TOUROFDUTY
Strong craving YEN
Stylish eateries BISTROS
Take the bus RIDE
Understand finally CATCHON
Video's counterpart AUDIO
__ and rave RANT