New York Times - May 22 2016

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Clues Answers
'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy' instrument CELESTA
'Hold it!' WAIT
'Hooked on Classics' record promoter KTEL
'Jeez!' OHMAN
'L'___ del Cairo' (unfinished Mozart opera) OCA
'Now We Are Six' author MILNE
'Oh yeah? Give an example!' NAMEONE
'Same here' METOO
'True Life' airer MTV
A limerick has 13 FEET
A.T.M. printout: Abbr RCPT
Animal sought in 2016's 'Zootopia' OTTER
Annual event at Pebble Beach PROAM
Argentine aunt TIA
Back muscle, briefly LAT
Basic material ALKALI
Because INTHAT
Bob Ewell's daughter in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' MAYELLA
Brings out EDUCES
Bygone cable inits TNN
Bygone record label EMI
Captivate ENCHANT
Caveat ___ EMPTOR
Certain tow job, for short REPO
Certification for eco-friendly buildings, for short LEED
Chinese dynasty of 1,000 years ago LIAO
Churchill gesture VSIGN
Classic song with the repeated line 'If you need me, I will be nearby' ... shown symbolically in this puzzle MOUNTAINHIGHVALLEYLOW
Close with a knot TIEOFF
Coin issued in values of 1 to 500 YEN
Common plastic base STYRENE
Compressed file format JPEG
Country named for one of its patrons SANMARINO
Country singer Kathy with the #1 'Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses' MATTEA
Direction of progress ONWARD
Director Apatow JUDD
Disaster area, so to speak STY
Does a certain dog trick BEGS
Dusk-___-dawn TIL
Dutch beer brand AMSTEL
Egg, for one GAMETE
End of an ___ ERA
Establishes INSTATES
Ewoks' home in sci-fi ENDOR
Extols LAUDS
Fall mo OCT
Filbert, for one NUT
Final installment of 'The Hangover' PARTIII
Find out about HEARTELLOF
French buds AMIS
French mime PIERROT
Galaxy rival IPHONE
Go off course VEER
Good thing to get from Moody's AAARATING
Gooey stuff SLIME
Google heading IMAGES
Greek philosopher who wrote 'Man is the measure of all things' PROTAGORAS
Harrison ___, last person to set foot on the moon SCHMITT
Hit from 'Songs in the Key of Life' dedicated to Ellington SIRDUKE
How good times are remembered FONDLY
Howard Stern rival DONIMUS
Identify, as in a Facebook photo TAG
In a luxurious manner POSHLY
Instrument at Rick's Café PIANO
Insurance giant AFLAC
It can come in sheets RAIN
It may take a toll: Abbr HWY
It's least palatable when raw DEAL
Clues Answers
It's never free of charge ION
Japanese electronics giant EPSON
Language that gave us 'cummerbund' URDU
Largest labor union in the U.S NEA
Lead-in to boy ATTA
Like a well-off señora RICA
Like some brownies and towelettes MOIST
Limestone areas with sinkholes and caverns KARSTS
Little, twisted part of us all? DNA
Long, flowing locks MANE
Love, in the Louvre AMOUR
Main ingredient in a Tom Collins GIN
Marked down ONSALE
Melodic passage ARIOSO
Minneapolis-St. Paul suburb EAGAN
Money-saving brand prefix ECONO
More bloody GORIER
Mother and wife of Uranus GAEA
Muscular TONED
One of the Nixons TRICIA
One on a talk show couch, say TVGUEST
Order to a pest GOHOME
Part of Polynesia SAMOA
Polo in the 13th century MARCO
Pond wrigglers NEWTS
Prefix for a revived style NEO
Prefix with -plasm ECTO
Prefix with lingual TRI
React to, as a shock GASPAT
Refugee's request ASYLUM
Regret RUE
Reward for Fido TREAT
Rich soil LOAM
Rising star COMER
Round of applause HAND
Santa ___ (some winds) ANAS
Sauced LIT
See 128-Across TREE
Shaped like a tube CANNULAR
Shed tears WEPT
Sign of theatrical success SRO
Six-time All-Star Garciaparra NOMAR
Some iPods NANOS
Sought, as office RANFOR
Spew fire and brimstone, say RANT
Still YET
Subcompact MINICAR
Subject of an annual festival in Holland, Mich TULIP
Supercilious sort SNOB
Swell locale? SEA
Texans, e.g NFLERS
They impart an innocent look DOEEYES
They may keep you awake at night NOISES
Title biblical character played by Russell Crowe NOAH
Tomato trouble EDEMA
Tongue, anatomically GLOSSA
Untethered LOOSE
Unyielding FIRM
Upstate SUNY campus site OSWEGO
Use as a conclusion ENDWITH
Uselessly, after 'to' NOAVAIL
View from the Uffizi Gallery ARNO
Vocal cats MEOWERS
Wenders who directed 'Buena Vista Social Club' WIM
With 132-Across, place to get a date PALM
With full attention RAPTLY
Woman's floral nickname ROSIE
___ Day (November 19, in Brazil) PELE