USA Today - May 19 2016

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Clues Answers
"Fiery" gem OPAL
"So long," in Surrey TATA
"Voice of Israel" author EBAN
Actress Paquin ANNA
Attention-getting sound PSST
Barracks annoyance SNORER
Beach Boys No. 1 hit of 1964 IGETAROUND
Beauty pageant accessory SASH
Blood's partner FLESH
Broke a fast ATE
Bundles, as wheat SHEAFS
Came down with GOT
Chips pile KITTY
Clever maneuver PLOY
Crude quarters HUT
Draw on glass ETCH
Dropped off ABATED
Dynamic Duo member ROBIN
Failing financially GOINGUNDER
Fare for Bossy HAY
Fictional mariner NEMO
Film composer Schifrin LALO
Floral mementos LEIS
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
Get in the way of OBSTRUCT
Goodyear product TIRE
Grand ___ (wine bottle words) CRU
Greek salad morsel OLIVE
Ham it up EMOTE
Hospital trainee INTERN
Hot under the collar MAD
Inexact recipe amount DASH
Intro to physics? META
Israel's Ehud BARAK
January birthstone GARNET
Keynote giver ORATOR
Lager relative ALE
Clues Answers
Lifelong local NATIVE
Like a mob gone amok RIOTOUS
Like a perfect place EDENIC
List-ending abbr ETC
Lithographer's equipment PRESS
Lowly laborer SERF
Neither companion NOR
Of service UTILE
Oklahoma city ENID
Old Pan Am rival USAIR
One of the Jackson 5 TITO
Operates, as a booth MANS
Orrin Hatch's home UTAH
Pie chart part SECTOR
Place for a piercing EAR
Prefix with center EPI
Privateer's potation GROG
Put up with ABIDED
Ready to pick RIPE
Refuse to be fooled by SEETHROUGH
Render impotent NEUTER
Reynolds Wrap company ALCOA
Rock bottom NADIR
RR stop STA
Run through IMPALE
Sked posting ETA
Sketch out PLAN
Some coats FURS
South African uprising site SOWETO
Spartan slave HELOT
Spieth's org PGA
St. Louis sight ARCH
Stepping in TAKINGOVER
Take turns ROTATE
Talks like Vito Corleone RASPS
Time to revel EVE
Words to live by TENET
___ Lanka SRI