New York Times - May 18 2016

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Clues Answers
'As if!' HAH
'In that case ...' IFSO
'No need to discuss it' THATSAMOOTPOINT
'The Simpsons' bus driver OTTO
'We have the meats' fast-food chain ARBYS
'___ chance!' FAT
'___ difference!' SAME
Absorb, as a loss EAT
Actress Seehorn of 'Better Call Saul' RHEA
African nation renamed in 1997 ZAIRE
Airline seat part TRAY
And more, briefly ETC
Article with no equivalent in Russian THE
Bitter salad green ENDIVE
Bowled over AMAZED
Brewer's ingredient MALT
Cars since 2006 TESLAS
Cause of 1840s-'50s emigration from Ireland FAMINE
Chills out RESTS
Chinese dynasty after the Qin HAN
Comfy shoe MOC
Contributes, as to a pool PAYSIN
Crystal ___ METH
Daniel who created Friday DEFOE
Decimal base TEN
Diva's problem EGOISM
DuVernay who directed 'Selma' AVA
Elton John title SIR
Georgetown athletes HOYAS
Georgia Tech's athletic org ACC
Go on a tirade RANT
Great Lakes freighter load, perhaps ORE
Grounds for lawsuits TORTS
Half a rack, to a hunter ANTLER
Hindu sacred writing VEDA
Internet-based phone provider VONAGE
It may be put in a bun HAIR
Jump shot paths ARCS
Clues Answers
Kung fu movie genre ACTION
Like early audiobooks ONTAPE
Macramé feature KNOT
Mantra-chanting priest LAMA
Most univ. applicants SRS
Night, in Nicaragua NOCHE
Nina of jazz SIMONE
One out of 100 SENATOR
Only non-U.S. M.L.B. team, on scoreboards TOR
Pitching wedge, for one IRON
Place for a trophy case DEN
Place to wear a wrap SPA
Poses a danger to MENACES
Pre-cable TV problem SNOW
Rescuer's offering AID
Roll call vote YEA
Rotisserie League game FANTASYBASEBALL
Showing sorrow PENITENT
Singer Grande, to fans ARI
Singer with the #1 hit 'TiK ToK' KESHA
Some glass prostheses EYES
Souped-up vintage auto STREETROD
Spotted wildcat OCELOT
State confidently ASSERT
Stress-free state EASE
Tale of Troy ILIAD
Ticked off IRKED
Tuna at sushi bars AHI
Unruly bunch MOB
What 17-Across has, phonetically FORESEES
What 38-Across has, phonetically FORTIES
What 61-Across has, phonetically FORAYS
Where the midnight sun can be observed ANTARCTICCIRCLE
Won, as a voting demographic CARRIED
Word with pig or play PEN
Worrisome call at home STRIKETWO
___ cloud (source of comets) OORT
___ pie (old British dish) EEL