Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - May 28 2016

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Clues Answers
$ dispenser ATM
&&&& ANDS
' the nerve!' OFALL
'Exodus' hero ARI
'Goodness!' MYMY
'Roar' singer Perry KATY
'Say what?' HUH
Actress Moreno RITA
Australian opera house city SYDNEY
Battleship color GRAY
Bloke CHAP
Bottom line NET
Brainiac WHIZ
Capita lead-in PER
Clumsy dives BELLYFLOPS
College URL ender EDU
Composer Rorem NED
Concept IDEA
Decay ROT
Docile TAME
Dutch cheese EDAM
Enjoy gum CHEW
Equi- ISO
First bed CRIB
Frost RIME
Grocery section DAIRY
Hall-of-Famers GREATS
Herbal brews TEAS
Historic time ERA
Humpty's perch WALL
Clues Answers
Inventor Nikola TESLA
Jubilation GLEE
Killer whale ORCA
La , Bolivia PAZ
Lampoon SATIRE
Layer PLY
Like a pasture GRASSY
List-ending abbr ETAL
Mom's mom GRANNY
Mystique AURA
Narc's org DEA
Norm (Abbr.) STD
Otherwise IFNOT
Overacts EMOTES
Play a part ACT
Put on WEAR
Raven calls CAWS
Reuben bread RYE
Roster LIST
Roswell visitors ETS
Sex educator Shere HITE
Slanted type (Abbr.) ITAL
Slobbers DROOLS
Stir-fry pan WOK
Teen fave IDOL
Telegram WIRE
Thither YON
tizzy INA
Verdon or Stefani GWEN
Withered SERE
Yankee nickname AROD