USA Today - May 10 2016

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Clues Answers
"Gladiator" setting ROME
"I'm ___ loss" ATA
"Room" Oscar winner Larson BRIE
Amphitheater shape OVAL
Arrogance, informally TUDE
Banish to Siberia EXILE
Be part of, as a play ACTIN
Bit of gate hardware HINGE
Bread with hummus PITA
Chap preventers LIPBALMS
Chisel feature EDGE
Confession list SINS
Conger catcher EELER
County northeast of London ESSEX
Cream's place TOP
Daily two dozen (Abbr.) HRS
Dance at a luau HULA
Dr. Pavlov IVAN
Duck with soft down EIDER
Eggs ___ Suisse ALA
Exemplars of toughness NAILS
Fend off AVERT
Fills with freight LADES
Filming sites LOTS
Fired off SENT
First lady after Laura MICHELLE
Game in which Mr. Boddy has been bumped off CLUE
Gardener's packetful SEEDS
Garmin display (Abbr.) RTE
Giant of Greek myth TITAN
Go through the cracks SEEP
Golden Rule word UNTO
Gown fabric LAME
Hairy Himalayan beasts YAKS
Heavyweight boxing champ, 1978-85 LARRYHOLMES
Held a follow-up session REMET
High priest of Shiloh ELI
Home of leprechauns ERIN
Insomniac's wish SLEEP
Clues Answers
Issue in the Iowa caucuses ETHANOL
Knicks great Willis ___ REED
Knitter's creation SWEATER
Left on base STRANDED
Like a private ENLISTED
Like rock's U2 IRISH
London Magazine essayist ELIA
Look ___ (visit) INON
Louis C.K., for one COMIC
Low-lying land VALE
Maytag acquisition of 2001 AMANA
Mineral in baby powder TALC
MLK title (Abbr.) REV
Napoleon, e.g PASTRY
Nov. 3, 1949 for 17-, 30- and 48-Across (and this puzzle's author!) BIRTHDATE
One of the Osmonds MARIE
Original player of Lionel on "The Jeffersons" MIKEEVANS
Out of sorts ILL
Polaroid inventor Edwin LAND
Precipitation-producing cloud NIMBUS
Rent-a-car giant AVIS
River delta site MOUTH
Sarge's superior LOOIE
School attended by 007 ETON
Sign on a door ENTER
Simon who wrote "The Odd Couple" NEIL
Smart-mouthed PERT
Sought public office RAN
Soup can flaw DENT
Sunbathers catch them RAYS
Syllable from the grandstands RAH
Talk like Dirty Harry RASP
Tesla CEO ___ Musk ELON
Used a piggy bank SAVED
Vogue's editor-in-chief ANNAWINTOUR
Westernmost Aleutian ATTU
Woody's folksy son ARLO
___ qua non SINE