USA Today - Jun 10 2008

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Clues Answers
''4 Minutes'' singer MADONNA
''Wheel of Fortune'' choice SPIN
Accommodate, in a way SEAT
Adversary ENEMY
Advertising element NEON
Affirmative response YES
All-American uncle SAM
Aquarium favorite TETRA
Bleaching targets TEETH
Body of poetry EPOS
Calla lily's plant family ARUM
Certain starling MYNA
Church area APSE
City of 40-Down DELHI
Civil War film starring Denzel Washington GLORY
Colonel Mustard game CLUE
Companionless LONE
Condoleezza's predecessor COLIN
Creator of 38- and 56-Across AGATHACHRISTIE
Deception RUSE
Dolls up PREENS
Econ. yardstick GNP
Etna issuance LAVA
Exit a plane the hard way EJECT
Far from joyful SAD
Gibson of Hollywood MEL
Good physical health VIGOR
Healthy-minded SANE
High male voice ALTO
Homer's mustachioed neighbor NED
Lady of Portugal DONA
Lake transport CANOE
Large wading bird CRANE
Less hospitable ICIER
Like most Thanksgiving dinners HOMEMADE
Like the Leaning Tower of Pisa ATILT
Makeup staple EYELINER
Modify, in Congress AMEND
Clues Answers
Muslim leader EMIR
Nobel Peace Prize winner Mandela NELSON
Of the ear OTIC
Oral surgeon's deg. DDS
Party person? POLITICO
Placed in a royal seat THRONED
Prefix meaning recent NEO
Prefix with ''scribe'' or ''script'' TRAN
Prelude to an invention IDEA
Reagan nickname GIPPER
Roomy dress cut ALINE
Saucy PERT
Seaside soarers ERNS
Service offered at some cafes INTERNET
Share a side with ABUT
Shoot the breeze GAB
Some bar orders USUALS
Some suit jacket sizes LONGS
Sopranos can hit it HIGHC
Star's time to shine? NIGHT
Sticks out on the sides BULGES
Teen hangout ARCADE
Tentative taste SIP
The best pair? ACES
Trellis piece SLAT
Twisty letter ESS
Use a laptop TYPE
Weapon swung by a gaucho BOLA
Went down to pray KNELT
What a batter might be on DECK
What my Bonnie lies over, in song SEA
Where to look for sacred cows? INDIA
Word repeated before ''again'' TRY
Word with ''steak'' or ''search'' STRIP
___ bean (leguminous seed) SOYA
___ Croft (Angelina Jolie role) LARA