L.A. Times Daily - May 3 2016

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Clues Answers
"Excuse me?" HUH
"__-ching!" CHA
1990s Philippine president RAMOS
43-Down alum Cheri OTERI
A Marx brother CHICO
Angler's gear REEL
Be the lookout for, say ABET
Blessed __ EVENT
Bush spokesman Fleischer ARI
Child in the kitchen CHEF
Cigar remains ASHES
Colored part of the iris AREOLA
Column-lined walkway STOA
Dance often accompanied by a ukulele HULA
Deep gap CHASM
Fit for the task ABLE
Game name often shouted during play UNO
Glutton's demand MORE
GM labor group UAW
Greek goddess of the hunt ARTEMIS
Guarantee ASSURE
Heavenly bear URSA
Height: Pref ALTI
Hold on to KEEP
Honda Accord, e.g SEDAN
Husband of a fabled storyteller, in an L. Frank Baum title FATHERGOOSE
Immune system component TCELL
Kilimanjaro's locale AFRICA
Lacking color PALE
Letters in some email addresses AOL
Like a frittata EGGY
Like a spicy Indian chicken dish CURRIED
Like grams and liters METRIC
Locale AREA
LSAT cousin GRE
Manual transmission STICKSHIFT
Miss Teen USA contest, e.g PAGEANT
NBC sketch series, briefly SNL
Old Nigerian capital LAGOS
Clues Answers
Old West chasers POSSE
One on the FBI's "Most Wanted" list PUBLICENEMY
Otherwise ELSE
Place for a plug SOCKET
Pretense CHARADE
Prince __ Khan ALY
Proctor's handout EXAM
Ring insert GEM
Scandal suffix GATE
Seaman's double-breasted jacket REEFER
Ship's bow decoration ... and, literally, the first word of 3-, 9- and 24-Down FIGUREHEAD
Sleep under the stars, with "out" CAMP
Some undershirts TEES
Sounds of time TOCKS
Spotted cats may be spotted on one SAFARI
Stage performer ACTOR
Statehouse official: Abbr LTGOV
Surrounding glows AURAE
Take to the skies FLY
Talk show interviewee GUEST
Teacher's graduate deg MSED
The "Y" in YSL YVES
This, to a señora ESTA
Treaty PACT
Tres y cinco OCHO
Unevenly notched, as leaf edges EROSE
Upscale chocolate brand GODIVA
Use a soapbox ORATE
Vote into office ELECT
What borrowers do OWE
Wheel center HUB
Wheelbarrow shaft AXLE
Wii forerunner NES
Wolfed down ATE
Word of assent YES
WWII machine gun STEN
__ and crafts ARTS
__ moss PEAT
__ of thousands CAST