Universal - May 3 2016

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Clues Answers
"It's a Wonderful Life" director CAPRA
"Pronto!" ASAP
"The Kiss" sculptor RODIN
1998 Robert De Niro thriller RONIN
Albania joined it in 2009 NATO
Angler's boxful LURES
Atomizer outputs MISTS
Billiards blunder MISCUE
Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff WORSTS
Bow of the silents CLARA
Brownish tone SEPIA
Campaign verb ELECT
Christmas or Easter ISLAND
Copier insert (Abbr.) ORIG
Dele undoer STET
Did nothing SAT
Digilux camera maker LEICA
Diner's enticement AROMA
Do copy work EDIT
Dr. Leary's turn-on LSD
Elizabeth II's husband PHILIP
Enamored, in a silly way SPOONY
End-of-proof letters QED
Fender or Gibson necessities GUITARSTRINGS
Fill to the gills SATE
Fork-tailed fliers TERNS
Former Attorney General Holder ERIC
Four Monopoly properties (Abbr.) RRS
Gift tag word FOR
Girl in a Beatles title RITA
Gives the green light LETS
Gloomy Gus MOPER
Gold-related AURIC
Gossip, slangily DISH
Has markers out OWES
High-pH compound ALKALI
Highest minor league AAA
Hippocratic Oath word HARM
Clues Answers
Hockey thug GOON
Insult, slangily SLAM
Jot down NOTE
Kirkuk's land IRAQ
Left speechless AWED
Make amends ATONE
Milo of "Ulysses" OSHEA
Needing darning TORN
Not intravenous ORAL
One of a 15th-century trio NINA
Pine-__ (cleanser brand) SOL
Predicament TIGHTSPOT
Prefix with "natal" NEO
Radius neighbor ULNA
Rich kid in "Nancy" comics ROLLO
Rickman's role in "Harry Potter" movies SNAPE
Sales rack abbr IRR
Sales rep's advantages INS
Seaweed, e.g PLANT
Similarities in series of events COMMONTHREADS
Sleep cycle letters REM
Source of roe SHAD
Spa treatment, for short PEDI
Spring up GROW
Stylish CLASSY
Summons from the boss SEEME
Surgeon's insert STENT
Swampy areas FENS
Sweet filling, in ads KREME
Till stack TENS
Time to give up LENT
Tom Sawyer's half-brother SID
Totally crush STEAMROLL
Washed outdoors, perhaps HOSED
Went at it WARRED
Where many items are assembled PRODUCTIONLINES
Word before "strength" or "city" INNER
__'Pea (Popeye's kid) SWEE