L.A. Times Daily - May 1 2016

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Clues Answers
"Again ... " ISAID
"Awake and Sing!" dramatist ODETS
"Goodness!" MYMY
"Goodness!" EGAD
"I have time" NORUSH
"I need a short break" BRB
"M.O." rapper NELLY
"May I approach" court conferences SIDEBARS
"Nature" author EMERSON
"Phooey!" NERTS
"Phooey!" DANG
"Piece of cake" ITSEASY
"Please help me out" BEADEAR
"Roundabout" rockers YES
"__ here!" LOOKEE
10001 letters NYNY
1814 treaty site GHENT
2015 N.L. MVP Bryce Harper, e.g NAT
Abbr. for people with only two names NMI
Agcy. that aids start-ups SBA
Anger BILE
Annually AYEAR
Astronomers' monthly reading? ORBSMAGAZINE
Backs (away) SHIES
Banned apple spray ALAR
Banned bug spray DDT
Beet-flavored drink? ROOTCOCKTAIL
Belmonts frontman DION
Betting favorite, often HOMETEAM
Biblical prophet AMOS
Black, in verse EBON
Came out EMERGED
Canton natives OHIOANS
Chapel Hill athlete TARHEEL
Cher's former partner SONNY
Codebreaker's org NSA
Companion of Ares ENYO
Confine to bed, maybe AIL
Croatian capital ZAGREB
Dadaism pioneer ERNST
Descendant of Sperry Rand UNISYS
Desires YENS
Dr. Seuss's "Horton Hears __" AWHO
Dutchman who painted "The Surprise" STEEN
Emulate Cher in the '70s GOSOLO
Eponymous Fox weekly news show STOSSEL
Ernie Banks epithet MRCUB
Evasive strategy ENDRUN
Every, in an Rx OMN
Flip over CAPSIZE
Frozen pizza brand CELESTE
Glide on powder SKI
Go like hotcakes SELL
Golfer's choice IRON
Goo amount GLOB
He played Emile in Broadway's "South Pacific" EZIO
Highly values ESTEEMS
Hiker's burden KNAPSACK
Hooting, mostly? OWLLANGUAGE
Infinite ETERNAL
Ipanema greeting OLA
Islands staple TARO
It has all five black keys in its scale DFLAT
Journalist Roberts COKIE
Karnak's country EGYPT
Key part of Bruce Wayne's wardrobe BATSUIT
Kin of -trix ENNE
Clues Answers
Lager alternative ALE
Like a June day, to Lowell SORARE
Likely to pry NOSY
Little shooter MINICAM
Live partner BREATHE
Loads ATON
Luggage danglers TAGS
Many a reception GALA
Mark indicating a musical phrase SLUR
Mauna __ KEA
Minor adjustment TWEAK
Mom-and-pop enterprise SHOP
Most gloomy DARKEST
N.L. lineup absentees DHS
Natural balm ALOE
Nibble GNAW
Novelist Deighton LEN
Old AT&T rival GTE
Ottoman Empire founder OSMAN
Part of Q.E.D ERAT
Patriots' org NFL
People ONES
Perfect apartment deal? GOLDENLEASE
Phone download GAME
Plumbing school basic? WRENCHLESSON
Portent OMEN
Preview to a view, for short IMO
Racecar safety feature ROLLBAR
Raced TORE
Radiation units REMS
Rd. atlas listings STS
Reeves of "John Wick" KEANU
Rock to refine ORE
Roller with leaves TEACART
Saying "Break a leg," say? STAGERITE
Schoolyard retort ISSO
Scottish hillside BRAE
Showing one's claws, so to speak CATTY
Singer Mann AIMEE
Situation of intense scrutiny HOTSEAT
Some "No Passing" road sections ESSES
Some 45-rpm records EPS
Song about a yellow ribbon? OAKBALLAD
Sound of fear EEK
Storage facilities SHEDS
Stylish CHIC
Sunday dinner entrée RIBROAST
Supply at the thermometer factory? READYMERCURY
Sushi fish AHI
Tax season VIP CPA
Tests with printed patterns, briefly ECGS
Texas Air Force base LAUGHLIN
The 114th began in 2015 CONGRESS
The 5,922 of a Taj Mahal model LEGOS
They're usually broken before use EGGS
Togo neighbor GHANA
Top-billed STAR
Traditional wisdom about hustlers? DANCELORE
Traditionally red structure BARN
Traitor RAT
TV sites DENS
Valley where David fought Goliath ELAH
Ward of Hollywood SELA
Was serious about MEANT
Wise one SAGE
Working ONDUTY
Worn item that actually originated in Ecuador PANAMAHAT
__ Authority PORT
__ law LEASH