USA Today - May 1 2016

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Clues Answers
"Chicago" star Zellweger RENEE
"Gronk" of the Patriots is one END
"Scram!" BEATIT
"Society's Child" singer Janis IAN
"That's apparent" SOISEE
"To a . . ." writer ODIST
1962 Gregory Peck role ATTICUSFINCH
1970-1974 Susan Dey role LAURIEPARTRIDGE
1984-2004 Kelsey Grammer role FRASIERCRANE
1991 Jodie Foster role CLARICESTARLING
Acct. increase INT
Another blue hue SKY
Anvil sites EARS
Automobile pioneer OLDS
Be a good dog SIT
Bird on a birth announcement STORK
Black goo TAR
Blue hue COBALT
Brit's raincoat MAC
Brush part BRISTLE
CEO's degree, often MBA
Clickable address, briefly URL
Collectors' collections SETS
Dept. store goods MDSE
Domain AREA
English Derby site EPSOM
Fed the kitty ANTED
Get-up-and-go PEP
Godzilla, for one MONSTER
Guessed-at fig EST
Had an edge LED
In a bit SOON
In unison ASONE
It may be busted BRONC
It may be struck POSE
Kick a field goal, say SCORE
Lapel pin-on MIKE
Liveliness of mind ESPRIT
Clues Answers
Made the scene CAME
Manhattan Project physicist Enrico FERMI
Mansard edge EAVE
Menu at an upscale eatery CARTE
Niagara Falls sight MIST
Nickel, e.g METAL
Off the mark ERRANT
Palm product COCONUT
Part of a 2-Down, typically COM
Pickling need BRINE
Pie chart part SECTOR
Pizza base CRUST
Place to graze LEA
Post- opposite PRE
Postwar agreements PACTS
Puts on notice ALERTS
Rudder's locale STERN
Ruhr Valley city ESSEN
Sarah Palin's husband TODD
Sax great John, to fans TRANE
Seeger of folk PETE
SOS signals FLARES
Spiff up POLISH
State formally DECLARE
Strike out ERASE
Strikes out DELES
Stubborn one MULE
Sweater's opening? PORE
The Dark Side EVIL
Thor or Zeus GOD
Took to the precinct house RANIN
Trimming tool EDGER
Unpaid ad, briefly PSA
Up a tree, say ATBAY
Was an omen of BODED
Yule decoration ICICLE
___ out a living EKE
___-wop (music genre) DOO