The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26399 - April 29, 2016

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Clues Answers
A cat's tail spotted in whimsical etching AQUATINT
After overthrow of queen, ambassador's lower in status RELEGATE
Alert wife's fled owing rent when sacked RINGTONE
American bishop stops porter working USABLE
Bar in base dispensed with BINNED
Challenge mission no-one's backing QUESTION
Chief's pledge to restrict a rival's borders WARLORD
Clergyman from drama finally axed in series CHAPLAIN
Communities headed by male preferring current to old schemes MACHINATIONS
Corrupt, deposing leader after petition's produced BEGOTTEN
Disruptive noise from son playing with band SNORING
Drawing the author's appended to pamphlet TRACTIVE
Elite philosopher's restricting time, oddly afraid to take the lead ARISTOCRATIC
Exercises, keeping to central compound PTOMAINE
Clues Answers
Gents possibly retiring after duck here? OVAL
God on a cross showing where his heart lies? THORAX
New Hampshire son's art mounted HORSEMANSHIP
Nobbled by vicar full of new energy VIBRANCY
Ordinary people's fish topped and tailed LAIC
People — twenty — obtain revenge SETTLEASCORE
Plant pile the two of us had reported KNAPWEED
Plucked rose? GATHERED
Powerful superior going off HIGH
Prayer leader's friend from Paris turned up before Mass IMAM
Royal aide in palace ultimately doubt, king admitted EQUERRY
Shred letter introducing street fighter in revolution VESTIGE
Unbecoming short blue clothing RAF abandoned INFRADIG
Worried about fuelling row? Shut up! DETAIN