The Washington Post - Apr 27 2016

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Clues Answers
'#@&%!,' e.g CURSE
'A Fish Called ___' WANDA
'I ___ I had an answer to that because I'm tired of answering that question' (Yogi Berra) WISH
'Manon Lescaut' highlight ARIA
'Star ___' TREK
'The Biggest Little City in the World' RENONEVADA
'Totally awesome!' RAD
Affectionate attention CARE
Alpha follower BETA
Automobile pioneer Ransom OLDS
Ball club ball clubs? BATS
Bay State birthplace of two US presidents QUINCY
Blue Cross option, briefly HMO
Burkina Faso neighbor MALI
Canvas cover TENT
Castle protectors MOATS
Coffee container URN
College cram session ALLNIGHTER
Cracked rival MAD
Date SEE
Deadly poisons BANES
Disturbed deeply ATEAT
Drops in the mailbox SENDS
Electric car manufacturer TESLA
Fairy tale beginning ONCE
Field of expertise AREA
Foundation BASIS
Fruit drink ADE
Gardener's tool RAKE
Geotechnical engineer's concern SOIL
Giants quarterback Manning ELI
Go with the flow AGREE
Greek vowels ETAS
Hoity-toity attitudes AIRS
Home of the mythological Labyrinth CRETE
Huddle call PLAY
Hudson Bay native CREE
In a jam, in a way TREED
Instrument heard at theaters during silent films WURLITZERORGAN
Clues Answers
It can be pierced or hooked NOSE
Jai ___ ALAI
Keebler cracker ZESTA
Knucklehead BOOB
Land of leprechauns ERIN
Like most newspapers DAILY
Look like a wolf OGLE
Lose steam SLOW
Missile Crisis country CUBA
Mouse catcher TRAP
Nolo contendere, e.g PLEA
Objects on hand? NAILS
Old Italian bread LIRA
Opposed to ANTI
Org. Liam Neeson belonged to in 'Taken' CIA
Org. that has boomed due to boomers AARP
Peruse Poe, possibly READ
Pledge VOW
Prudhoe Bay setting ALASKA
Puff up BLOAT
Rare violin AMATI
Request more Time RENEW
Result of a day at the beach, maybe BIKINILINE
Rhapsodic words ODE
Rum cocktail MAITAI
Russian river URAL
Shells out PAYS
Show up APPEAR
Sprinkle of salt DASH
Thompson of 'Family' SADA
Throws in ADDS
Tiny buzzer GNAT
Van Susteren of Fox News GRETA
Web site? ATTIC
Xeric ARID
Zhou of China ENLAI
[What nerve!] SLAP