Irish Times (Crosaire) - Apr 26 2016

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Clues Answers
All the letters of support POST
Bar is close to hotel - get away from me! BANISH
Bond found in nude, distracted and in a disconnected state UNLINKED
Boo suspect winner from the pits OBOIST
Breaks up sentences, period PUNCTUATIONMARK
German's plan for The Curragh RACECOURSE
Grace period perhaps for academy workers AMEN
Grass with trendy design about to be cut back INFORMER
Gym registered on O'Connell Street to lose water PERSPIRE
Half of 17 down is sweet on key upright type from framework DOORJAMB
Haunt one after another FREQUENT
Inspector gets away from perfectionist the image of criminal EFIT
It's common on both sides of Parliament in Denmark PARK
Make up title on the origin of species NATUREBOOK
Clues Answers
Old writer gets cross review as no restrictions at The Gate OPENDOOR
One of The Stones consumes new type of stout PINT
Put off by hamper DETER
Relative brought over for plain talking that amounts to nonsense MUMBOJUMBO
Something for the readers of Gardener's World PLOT
Sued officer involved in mass emigration EXODUS
The play and most of the score has a cultural aspect ETHNIC
There is no need to say any more, as plenty at school get help ENOUGHSAID
Tip off Bellow to be sure it's said at the end of raid ALLCLEAR
Trouble in organisation getting time off UNREST
Uncanny connection to old oddball WEIRDO
Whip out hanky, as it shows some gratitude THANKYOU
Wow - it's our fat butcher! FAROUT
Writing in academic work is robust STURDY