L.A. Times Sunday - Jun 8 2008

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Clues Answers
"--- be my pleasure!" ITD
"--- voom!" VAVA
"... Simon --- pieman ..." META
"Casablanca" co-star Peter LORRE
"Elvira Madigan" star Degermark PIA
"Evita" role CHE
"I rest my ---" CASE
"Love Story" composer Francis LAI
"Meet John Doe" director CAPRA
"Take --- Train" THEA
"Texas Troubadour" Ernest TUBB
--- -Magnon CRO
1962 crisis items MISSILES
A soc. sci. ECON
Act like a library LEND
Ancient Greek city ARGOS
Arch type OGEE
Barbecuer's skewer SPIT
Bikini top BRA
Bloke from Stoke-on-Trent BRIT
Bookstore section HOWTO
Bred winners? SIRED
Brosnan series sleuth Remington STEELE
Calamity cause SCOURGE
Came to a point TAPERED
Candid bigwig? UPFRONTWHEEL
Cath. title MSGR
Certain cereal grass RYE
Chopper parts ROTORS
Consumes INGESTS
Countertop composite FORMICA
Coward of the stage NOEL
Crude company? REFINER
Crusty entree POTPIE
DDE's challenger AES
Defector from the faith APOSTATE
Detonator FUSE
Diamond authority UMP
Dodger Stadium's Chavez --- RAVINE
Dome on a roof CUPOLA
Doris Duke or Barbara Hutton HEIRESS
Draft pick ALE
Drop by VISIT
Dwarf count SEVEN
Earth Day month APRIL
Egged on INCITED
Eleanor Roosevelt, --- Roosevelt NEE
Enthralled RAPT
Fall venue EDEN
Fine things? ARTS
Fish/Friday, for two COPS
Fizzles, as a fire DIES
Focus AIM
Fondled Fido PETTED
Goalie's gig DEFENSE
Gold in them thar "colinas" ORO
Greatly gloomy STYGIAN
HBO rival SHO
Heartfelt SINCERE
Hendrix hairdo AFRO
Hero of the revolution? UPRISINGSTAR
Hobby store stock KITS
Honest moneylender? UPRIGHTBANK
Honorable command? UPSTANDINGORDER
Hoops great Thomas ISIAH
Interlaced WOVEN
Clues Answers
Italia's capital ROMA
Its cap. was E. Berlin GDR
Knack hit title girl SHARONA
Kramden laugh syllable HAR
Labor Dept. div. OSHA
Like a weekend seminar TWODAY
Like Boomers, today GRAYING
Lille brother FRERE
Livestock "filling station" FEEDLOT
MacArthur victory site LEYTE
Man-mouse link ORA
Marched en masse TROOPED
Marshal under Napoleon NEY
Med. specialty ENT
Modernizing the dailies? UPGRADINGPAPERS
Most edgy TENSEST
Most unctuous OILIEST
Neeson title role KINSEY
New newts EFTS
Nobelist Linus PAULING
Norah's sitarist father RAVI
Not wordy TERSE
Odyssey or Entourage MINIVAN
Old video game inits. NES
Out of sorts ILL
Outlying REMOTE
Pacific SERENE
Park or Peyton PLACE
Paying dollars for quarters RENTING
Period of marked improvement? UPSWINGERA
Periscope part LENS
Pizza slices, usually EIGHTHS
Queen, to Sandrine REINE
Radar's rank CORPORAL
Red meat's positive aspect? UPSIDEOFBEEF
Reno resident NEVADAN
Ruhr city ESSEN
Ruth --- Ginsburg BADER
Samovars URNS
Saunter AMBLE
Seed coats ARILS
Separating via strainer SIEVING
Solemn GRAVE
Stretched the neck CRANED
Summer of Le Havre ETE
Sunday seat PEW
Taste for antiques VIRTU
Tent pin PEG
They discharge guns or employees FIRERS
They're in pens INKS
Trifling MERE
U-turn from SSW NNE
U.K. record co. EMI
Vamooses SCATS
Vaughan of jazz SARAH
Ventilate AIR
Volatile ERRATIC
Watchdog's warning GRR
Way down DESCENT
Weaving willow OSIER
Welsh political great Aneurin BEVAN
Whale tale with Bo Derek ORCA
What -vore means EATER
Wildebeest GNU
With 43A, early life among harvesters? UPBRINGING