Wall Street Journal - Apr 21 2016 - Missing Masterpiece

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Clues Answers
'Heat of the Moment' band ASIA
'Lay it ___!' ONME
'Meet me ___ the first cock crow': Oberon ERE
After-dinner request DECAF
Amazingly enough NOLESS
Appropriate COOPT
Apt alternative title for this puzzle LOSTART
Attention getter NUDGE
Bake sale items showing signs of damage? INJUREDPIES
Bartender's bowlful LIMES
Battler of Hector at Troy AJAX
Biggest city on the Big Island HILO
Capital at the foot of Vitosha Mountain SOFIA
Cause to be cherished ENDEAR
Cornea concealer LID
Didn't draw STOODPAT
Does a summer job? ADDS
Dug in ATE
End of a celebration FEST
Fanatic following CULT
Film that won Best Costume Design at the 1981 Oscars TESS
Frees RIDS
Future music RAP
Gap buy TEE
Government office BUREAU
Greek salad topper FETA
Guesstimate qualifier ABOUT
Hiccup cure, perhaps SCARE
High-quality paving goo? CREAMOFTAR
Hill of NBC News ERICA
How poets drive onto interstates? OERTHERAMPS
John King Jr.'s cabinet dept EDUC
Knight's backers PIPS
LeBron, e.g CAV
Clues Answers
Litter unit PUP
Member of an empire conquered in the 16th century INCA
Minuteman's place SILO
More than a skirmish SIEGE
Movie climax, often CHASE
Musical whose roles include FDR ANNIE
Niagara sight MIST
Not hang onto DROP
Pale wood ASH
Pentathletes' needs EPEES
Percolate SEEP
Portrait painter who became an inventor MORSE
Present-day music CAROL
Pro fighter CON
Pushes to the limit TAXES
Resulted AROSE
Reveals BARES
Rivals of the BMW Z4 MIATAS
Samples label TAKEONE
Say 'nay,' say OPPOSE
Sen. McCain's alma mater USNA
Shoots a four on, perhaps PARS
Sites of some vaults APSES
Special delivery? TWINS
Subject of the 2016 film 'Race' OWENS
Sucker deals RIPOFFS
Support gp. since 1941 USO
Swabbed specimen DNA
Those in-flight Stoli bottles? VODKAMINIS
Tureen accessory LADLE
Unbearable suspense, say TORTURE
Vacates ANNULS
Way to walk Rover ONALEAD
What a QB doesn't want INT
White shade BONE
Without warranty ASIS