Universal - Apr 17 2016

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Clues Answers
"It's f-f-freezing!" BRR
"The __ Not Taken" ROAD
"Who am __ argue?" ITO
All Hallows' Eve mo OCT
Armistice Day mo NOV
Art activity for tots FINGERPAINTING
Art __ (architectural style) DECO
Babes' place TOYLAND
Barely get by MAKEDO
Beehive State natives UTES
Brad of "Ocean's Twelve" PITT
Brunch, for one MEAL
By way of VIA
Campus address extension EDU
Campus military org ROTC
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Capitol feature DOME
Cellphone feature CAMERA
Chirology practitioner PALMREADER
Chromosome unit GENE
City-related URBAN
Con man's target MARK
Cookbook author Rombauer IRMA
D.C.'s Pennsylvania, e.g AVE
Dart players' quaffs ALES
Did some cartooning DREW
Dumpster emanation ODOR
Field of expertise AREA
Follower of "yes" or "no" SIREE
Former late-night star LENO
Formicary denizen ANT
Gallivants, with "about" GADS
Give lip to SASS
Golf shoe attachments CLEATS
Hero's character trait NERVE
Hype oneself BRAG
It may be stacked DECK
Clues Answers
Liable to cause an accident UNSAFE
Loud kisses SMACKS
Made inquiries ASKED
Major composition OPUS
More than a stretch LIE
Numskull DUNCE
On the wrong side (of) AFOUL
One in maximum security, say FELON
Part of a Monopoly set MONEY
Picnic discard COB
Poet Alighieri DANTE
Poetic contraction TIL
Portable illumination LANTERN
Put back into service REACTIVATE
Put up, in a way HANG
Relative of a wingnut THUMBSCREW
Remote control button REC
Reunion attendee, for short ALUM
San Fran gridder NINER
Sent for ORDERED
Significant effect IMPACT
Skin, as an apple PARE
Soprano's show-stopper ARIA
Sprout up GROW
Squirrel's stash ACORNS
Suspended, in a way ONHOLD
Tat word MOM
The Browns, on scoreboards CLE
Tote around LUG
Travelers' aids MAPS
Watch parts STEMS
Where bottles of bubbly may chill ICEBUCKETS
Workplace watchdog org OSHA
__ conference NEWS
__ creek (out of luck) UPA