The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 26,857 - Apr 13 2016

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Clues Answers
1 across call a vote for the negative Republican candidate? NOTRUMP
A male hairdo PERM
Become angry? What for? It's mad THROWAFIT
Check section with news SLOWDOWN
Earns millions: small tax returns MERITS
Frenchman and wife to start again RENEW
Game couple BRIDGE
He wrote for us a song about you in a vehicle ARAUCARIA
Health food book was published BRAN
Hold drink — professional driver getting round numbers bottles HALFNELSON
Inflatable bed at front down completely BLOWUP
Intellect? No! Crossword setters? NOUS
Land it — airman flying with United Airlines, primarily MAURITANIA
Lift up features, miss out to see sweet thing GUMDROP
Men taking in last show OLIVER
Clues Answers
Mysterious name from masonic tiles? MOSAIC
Old star in a scrum bit players EXTRAS
Picture that is cover for Playboy? IMAGE
Piers Morgan: 'US run a highly organised community' SUPERORGANISM
Red lips: blue outside CRIMSON
Rob has two unfinished beers PILLAGE
Small number — at least one left NOMINAL
Stars rule in America URSA
Violence following pub attack BARRAGE
What's on telly? Prepared to fight over page SETTOPBOX
Wine specialist reviewing mature old barrel BODEGA
Work out problem in textbook? EXERCISE
Worry? I'm thinking: 'Job' CAREER
Writer of article about guy: an awful time without love? AGONYAUNT