USA Today - Apr 7 2016

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Clues Answers
"I want it now!" GIMME
"Make it fast!" ASAP
"Ooh, nice comeback!" TOUCHE
"Yes siree!" YOUBETCHA
Acts silently MIMES
Actual thing ENTITY
Advil rival TYLENOL
Ascend, as a peak CLIMB
Attempts GOESFOR
Barnyard brooder HEN
Be like a lackey TAKEORDERS
Besides that TOO
Betty Crocker product CAKEMIX
Classic Ford, briefly TBIRD
Clothing flaw RIP
Cupboard pest ANT
Director Ephron NORA
Dreams up CREATES
Earth orbiter until 2001 MIR
Easily broken FRAGILE
Emotion-hiding sort STOIC
Feast on EAT
Feel sorry for PITY
Give the slip EVADE
Gotten up ARISEN
Hawke of "Boyhood" ETHAN
Hertz rival AVIS
Human-shaped mug TOBY
In reality DEFACTO
J.J. who directed "Star Trek Into Darkness" ABRAMS
Laotian's neighbor THAI
Less ___ stellar THAN
Like plush toys SOFT
Little bite TASTE
Look after SEETO
New York tribe SENECA
Not at all gregarious ASOCIAL
Clues Answers
NY Jets' org AFC
Ocean flora and fauna SEALIFE
Online folks USERS
Opera part ACT
Pitfall TRAP
Plead with ENTREAT
Previous PRIOR
Primate category APE
R&B's ___ II Men BOYZ
Rap's ___ Jon LIL
Ration out ALLOT
Rental from 38-Down CAR
Rocker Cooper ALICE
Russian range URALS
Ryder Cup org PGA
Say again ITERATE
Scarlett's Butler RHETT
See 1-Across SCALE
See 65-Across TEA
See the first parts of 17-, 25-, 35- and 51-Across for this group's #1 hit THEPOLICE
Shirley's TV roomie LAVERNE
Some Monopoly pieces HOUSES
Stab, so to speak TRY
Striped gem AGATE
Suffix with lion ESS
Tangent, e.g RATIO
Tarzan player Ron ELY
The "Homo" of "Homo sapiens" GENUS
Tic Tac, for one BREATHMINT
Toes the line OBEYS
Trig function SINE
Uninvited party guest CRASHER
What's-___-name HER
With 60-Down, slang for crude oil TEXAS
Without fail EVERYTIME
Yoga accessory MAT
___ Lingus AER