- Apr 7 2016

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Clues Answers
''The Bells'' author's monogram EAP
'70s music DISCO
1860s soldier REB
Adriatic port TRIESTE
Aesthetic judgment TASTE
Air-show stunts LOOPS
As planned ONCUE
Asocial type LONER
Baja resort, for short CABO
Bakeware brand PYREX
Bend, as a joint FLEX
Big wheel, briefly VIP
Book publishers' listings CATALOGS
Brought out lunch for FED
City of 2 Down MOSUL
Cob holder STALK
Coffee concoction LATTE
Columbus sch OSU
Continent with the most countries AFRICA
Convention center events EXPOS
Cooks, as mushrooms SAUTES
Fast-running bird EMU
Fingerspelling system: Abbr ASL
Fit to be tied IRATE
Food thickener AGAR
Get back RECOUP
Goat sound MAA
Gwyneth's Oscar role VIOLA
Gym array BIKES
Hip-hop guy BBOY
Hue like turquoise AQUA
Improv venue COMEDYCLUB
In __ (as found) SITU
It's south of Scottsdale TEMPE
Japanese film genre ANIME
Land in an ocean ISLE
Mexican gold ORO
Mulroney of Canada BRIAN
Nautical hdg SSE
Clues Answers
November birthstone TOPAZ
One of an acre's 160 SQUAREROD
Oppressive ONEROUS
Paper provided to personnel PAYSLIP
Persian Gulf land IRAQ
Plopped (down) SAT
Pound-cake shape LOAF
Predatory flier VAMPIREBAT
Public square PLAZA
Purposes AIMS
Put a strain on TAX
Put up with ABIDE
Restaurant workers WAITSTAFF
Roman poet OVID
Rye, for one LIQUOR
Salon solutions DYES
Shaver of a sort PLANE
She's not talking MIME
Small fishing boats DORIES
Some dark horses BAYS
Some MLB hits DBLS
Son of Sarah ISAAC
Speak derisively SCOFF
Stores away LAYSIN
The Lone Ranger wore one SCARF
Train of thought VEIN
Unavoidable outcome FATE
Underground explorer CAVER
Very windy BLUSTERY
Vocal range ALTO
Wind up END
Winged stinger WASP
Within the rules LEGAL
Wooden shoes CLOGS
Yale Glee Club singers ELIS