L.A. Times Daily - Jun 1 2008

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Clues Answers
"No thanks" IPASS
"The Devil's Disciple" playwright SHAW
"The third one's the charm" girl GOLDILOCKS
"To Kill a Mockingbird" author LEE
"Topaz" author URIS
"True friends __ you in the front": Wilde STAB
"__-haw!" YEE
2008 Janet Jackson hit LUV
Actor Conried HANS
Advised about INON
Affair in the mountains? HIGHINFIDELITY
Alanis Morissette's role in "Dogma" GOD
Ambient music pioneer ENO
Ankle bones TARSI
Any of three brothers who batted in the same inning in a 1963 game ALOU
Bad spelling? HEXES
Be an angel BACK
Be destroyed PERISH
Beaux Arts __, classical musicians for 50+ years TRIO
Billy's mate? DOE
Browsed (through) LEAFED
Bubbling in the pot ABOIL
Buck suffix AROO
Came close to NEARED
Came to terms about AGREEDON
Carry on RANT
Cause to crumble EATAWAY
Chili powder ingredient CUMIN
Chocolate-filled cookie MILANO
Choppers TEETH
Claudius' adoptive son NERO
Coalesce GEL
Completely turned around? WELLINVERSED
Concede ADMIT
Contributes (or creates this puzzle's theme) ADDSIN
Court DATE
Covert maritime org. ONI
Cybercackle LOL
D.A.-to-be's exam LSAT
Depressive DREARY
Disney duck princess OONA
Do software uploads at a news magazine? INSTALLFORTIME
Dollop GOB
Dos y dos CUATRO
Dr. Jones, familiarly INDY
Dudley's toon foe SNIDELY
Egg on GOAD
Exercise walk site MALL
Exiled African tyrant AMIN
Farm fitting YOKE
Fifth century scourge ATTILA
Fine-tunes HONES
Firm belief DOGMA
Firms up SETS
Floating, perhaps WEIGHTLESS
Foie __ GRAS
Formerly, once ERST
Fruity liqueur SLOEGIN
G5 models, e.g. IMACS
Gabor sister MAGDA
Gaius' goose egg? NIHIL
Get creative NOODLE
Get upset over nothing? INVENTONESANGER
Glistens SHINES
Glower SCOWL
Goal of deep breathing? OXYGENINTENT
Gorilla who learned sign language KOKO
Got into the game ANTED
Grows brighter DAWNS
Hand-holding group dance HORA
Clues Answers
Head, in slang NOB
Home of the Herald MIAMI
Irish emblem SHAMROCK
It can be hard to find things in one STY
It's fit for a king or queen SHEET
Julia of "Legends of the Fall" ORMOND
Kama __ SUTRA
Kuwait bigwig EMEER
Lab tube PIPET
Language that gave us "cummerbund" HINDI
Like some treats DUTCH
Literally, Hebrew for "skyward" ELAL
Lush sound HIC
Major party BASH
Meandering ERRANT
Mete (out) PARCEL
Miller's matter GRIST
Missing the point? DECIMALINFRACTION
Miuccia of fashion PRADA
Mo. in which Cornwallis surrendered OCT
Nasty type OGRE
Natl. park sights RVS
Nitwit DOLT
Not a matter of choice NEEDED
O'er there YOND
Ocean phenomenon SPRAY
Parched ARID
Parody SPOOF
Part of TAE ALVA
Plasm lead-in CYTO
Prepare for takeoff TAXI
Press IRON
Prevailed OVERCAME
Pub trayful ALES
Regard highly ESTEEM
Rep's downer NOSALE
Reunion attendees ALUMNI
Rowing race SCULLS
Rule of crime writing ANN
Rural delivery svc. RFD
Save for later PUTASIDE
Sea east of Sicily IONIAN
Search, with "down" PAT
Ship-locating system LORAN
Short life story? BIO
Signer, at times XER
Six-legged worker ANT
Skater Brian ORSER
Snitches FINKS
Stir up some stoolies? INCITEONESSOURCES
Stretch one's neck CRANE
Suppositions IFS
Swinging chances ATBATS
Tangle MAT
Tangle up ENSNARL
Tech giant IBM
They may be wild OATS
Tongue mishap SLIP
Tough to spot, probably TEENY
Type of guard SHIN
Urban attachment ITE
West Indies folk magic OBEAH
Wiesel work NIGHT
Will Smith role ALI
Word after mountain or dirt BIKE
Word in many Brazilian city names SAO
__ mode ALA
__ nova BOSSA
__ Tour PGA