- Apr 2 2016

Clues Answers
''Quit whining, fella'' MANUP
''Ta-da!'' IVEDONEIT
Address properly SEETO
All right YES
Approval of disapproval MENEITHER
Be efficacious AVAIL
Bean cousin of the lentil FAVA
Boxer, or boxer alternative PUG
Bubbled over ENTHUSED
Center of Shi'a scholarship QUM
Compromise of 1877 beneficiary HAYES
Crime fiction staples DAS
Curious George creator REY
Dismiss REBUFF
Dismissed SENTOFF
Doesn't work RESTS
Eurowings owner LUFTHANSA
Fantastic ODD
First American Estragon in ''Waiting for Godot'' LAHR
First of all ONTOP
First thing to be called ''crimson'' DYE
Flip over GOMADFOR
Former free trade org EEC
Free of red tape NOHASSLE
Frequent Cézanne subject BATHER
George HW Bush's first Texas home ODESSA
Glass holder in the kitchen OVENDOOR
Group that the 24 Across is part of BRIARS
Home of King Faisal Hospital MECCA
How Bartolomeo says ''beautiful'' BEL
Inhale, as ice cream SNARF
Lecter's literary debut REDDRAGON
Magnate who sponsored ''The $64,000 Question'' REVSON
Minute portion DOT
Clues Answers
Name on the ''Howards End'' poster EMFORSTER
Nests of spies CELLS
Objects of forgiveness in Matthew DEBTORS
Official Partner of the Heisman Trophy AFLAC
Opposed AVERSE
Opposite of ''aggravate'' SOOTHE
Part of ''Emma'' plot line AGEGAP
Party to many Pez contracts LICENSOR
Phrase on some Caribbean coins TENCENTS
Portrayer of Lincoln, Earp and Nimitz FONDA
Preparatory period EVE
Rugby stand TEE
Salad bar selection CAESAR
Saw, for instance PASTTENSE
Settle gradually SINK
She wrote her first teen novel in high school SEHINTON
Sopranos were first seen there HBO
Sponsor of Trevi Fountain's recent restoration FENDI
Stable parent BROODMARE
Story __ ARCS
Subcompact based on the Hyundai Accent RIO
Symbol of British nationalism ROSE
Talker in Numbers ASS
Thimbleful fraction DROP
Tutti, on a choral score EVERYONE
Una doceava parte de un año MES
Uncle Si's favorite color, on ''Duck Dynasty'' CAMO
Wall St. profitability measure ROI
Where Galileo ran the math department PADUA
White-coat owners ERMINES
Won't zip it YAPS
Word from the Latin for ''reed pipe'' TIBIA
Word on the Mountain West Conference roster LAS