The Washington Post - Mar 31 2016

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Clues Answers
'Are not!' retort AMTOO
180 degrees from WSW ENE
506, to Caesar DVI
Amusement park worker CARNY
Amusingly ironic WRY
Bathwater tester TOE
Be contrite about RUE
Ben Franklin's flier KITE
Biblical verb ending ETH
Brain scans, briefly EEGS
Butter servings PATS
Bygone Burmese leader with a palindromic name UNU
Bygone Russian abbreviation SSR
Calamitous cry OHNO
Chicago ex-mayor Richard DALEY
Clog-clearing brand DRANO
Create warm feelings for ENDEAR
Dark presence in '1984' BIGBROTHER
Down in the dumps MOROSE
Episcopal cleric VICAR
Epitome of handsomeness ADONIS
Financial trader, briefly ARB
Forward thinker? SEER
Garr and Hatcher TERIS
Gearwheel feature COG
Goes bad ROTS
Greco-Persian Wars chronicler HERODOTUS
Grinch's 'grins' SNEERS
Hebrides tongue ERSE
Humiliate ABASE
In a regretful manner SORRILY
It may be lent to a listener EAR
Keats contemporary BYRON
Lasagna cheese RICOTTA
Light fog MIST
Like lizard skin SCALY
Clues Answers
Like many toadies? FOREVERYTHING
Love, Italian-style AMORE
Low USN rank ENS
Many, many ATONOF
Min. fractions SECS
Neighbor of Yemen OMAN
Ness and Spitzer ELIOTS
Newly polished SHINY
Opening letters? ABC
Part of a roofer's training? TARPRACTICE
Performers at some readings POETS
Piece of the past ERA
Plays catch with a woman? THROWSTOHER
Public facility MENSROOM
Quite stylish, in a Parisian way TRESCHIC
Raison d'___ ETRE
Remote targets? TVS
Several bits BYTE
Sewer lines? HEMS
Shamu or Willy ORCA
Short, as a meal ONECOURSE
Soccer score GOAL
Some residents of Kansas TOPEKANS
Teacher of Plato SOCRATES
Terrier of mystery ASTA
Vehicle for the high C's? ARIA
Vocal qualities TONES
What a bartender may do to avoid spilling some beer? BALANCETHEBUD
Yankee's crosstown rival MET
Yoo-___ (chocolate drink) HOO
Your, of yore THY
Zellweger of 'Chicago' RENEE
___ Bell TACO