- May 30 2008

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Clues Answers
'Ad ___ per aspera' (Kansas motto) ASTRA
'Enterprise' helmsman SULU
'Fee, fi, fo, fum' caller OGRE
'Filthy' money LUCRE
'Guitar Town' singer Steve EARLE
'The Wind in the Willows' character TOAD
'___ Baby' ('Hair' song) ABIE
1978 Peace Prize winner SADAT
All-night party RAVE
Alphabetical start ABCD
Ancient Greek coin OBOL
Applies lightly DABS
Argument SETTO
Bagnold and Blyton ENIDS
Barnyard perch ROOST
Big bash GALA
Bit of asparagus SPEAR
Care for TEND
Cartoon frames CELS
Choo-choo's sound TOOT
Classic Icelandic poetry EDDAS
Common condiment SALT
Cores HUBS
Crazy NUTS
Cremona violin-maker AMATI
Curved arches OGEES
December song NOEL
Desert rest stop OASIS
Detective's quest CLUE
Dilapidated boat TUB
Drum played with the hands BONGO
Enjoys home cooking EATSIN
Exact match TWIN
Flounder's cousin SOLE
Formal speech ORATION
Friendly AMIABLE
Clues Answers
Garlic segment CLOVE
Go backward REVERSE
Harmful BAD
Harsh-voiced bird RAVEN
Hollywood's Hedy LAMARR
Hologram creator LASER
Horrid smell STENCH
It's above the tonsil ADENOID
Kindergarteners TOTS
Knock one's socks off WOW
Like cut diamonds FACETED
Like peas in ___ APOD
Lone Ranger's sidekick TONTO
Makes bubbly AERATES
Middle East sultanate OMAN
Mild cheese EDAM
Name of five Norwegian kings OLAF
Pampered to a fault SPOILT
Peaceful coexistence DETENTE
Picasso's homeland SPAIN
Planet's path ORBIT
Plastics ingredients RESINS
Rainfall measurement INCH
Revises EMENDS
Roman emperor after Otho VESPASIAN
Sacred bull of Egypt APIS
Salinger title character ESME
Showed disapproval, in a way BOOED
Singer Bryson PEABO
Singer Merman ETHEL
Sitar-playing Shankar RAVI
Sits for snaps POSES
Smith and Jones, often ALIASES
Sun follower? MON
Taxi passenger FARE
Traffic stopper? SPEEDTRAP