Universal - Mar 27 2016

Clues Answers
"Argo" setting IRAN
"Who am ___ judge?" ITO
Abbr. on a business sign ESTD
About 1,609 meters MILE
Alaska, until 1959 (Abbr.) TERR
Auctioneer's word SOLD
Beach bird SEAGULL
Blew a gasket RAGED
Can't stomach HATE
Choice of a boat part or a boater? SAILORHAT
Choice of a chess piece or a Monopoly piece? MANORHOUSE
Choice of a molding or painting? CASTOROIL
Choice of an octopus part or an armadillo part? ARMORPLATE
Clock sound TICK
Cocktail garnish OLIVE
Colombian metropolis CALI
Corny saying BROMIDE
Decorated, as leather TOOLED
Do away with REMOVE
Drains of strength SAPS
Emit, as lava SPEW
Equip to new specs REFIT
Fey of "30 Rock" TINA
Fill with cargo LADE
Go public with AIR
Good thing ASSET
Groucho glasses feature NOSE
H.H. ___ (Saki) MUNRO
Hard to fluster SERENE
Hirsch of "Milk" EMILE
Hole-punching tools AWLS
Homage in verse ODE
Homecoming attendee, for short ALUM
Honor society letter PHI
Kennedy matriarch ROSE
Lacking mirth GRIM
Larry of the Three Stooges FINE
Lesage's "Gil ___" BLAS
Magna ___ CARTA
Clues Answers
Marrakech's land MOROCCO
Match a bet CALL
Meteorite element IRON
Moth-eaten SEEDY
Moved stealthily EDGED
Mule's mother MARE
One "in the headlights" DEER
Online party notice EVITE
Optimistic view HOPE
Pay-to-play fee ANTE
Pew attachment KNEELER
Potatoes and yams TUBERS
Predator of seals ORCA
Really disapprove of DEPLORE
Recording studio effect ECHO
Redding of R&B OTIS
Reduce drastically SLASH
Reverence PIETY
Roofer's piece TILE
Russia's Trotsky LEON
Rustic stopovers INNS
Scott in an 1857 case DRED
Shaving cream type GEL
Sidestep EVADE
Souffle need EGG
Soup servers LADLES
Source of down EIDER
Squirrel's nibble ACORN
Stretch, of sorts LIE
Suffix with "moon" or "sea" SCAPE
Technician's place LAB
Tend to the batter STIR
Ticket word ADMIT
Tobacco plug CHAW
Unwilling to bend RIGID
Vacant lot growth WEEDS
Watchmaker's glass LOUPE
Whipped in chess MATED
Won in a walk ROMPED