- Mar 26 2016

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Clues Answers
''Hunger Games'' descriptor DYSTOPIAN
''Two together'' prefix AMBI
''Wir leben Autos'' sloganeer OPEL
''Your point being . . .?'' AND
60 Down, in 51 Down EIN
About .002% of the atmosphere NEON
Advice or knowledge, to grammarians MASSNOUN
Authoritative appointee CZAR
Blend MELD
Bring down RAZE
By implication TACITLY
Capitale economica d'Italia MILANO
Captain companion of Doctor Who YATES
Certain herd member ANTELOPE
Completely new attitude ABOUTFACE
Compound used in fracking TNT
Cone-filled, perhaps PINY
Conform metrically SCAN
Convention aftermath EER
Countertop brackets LBARS
DC soccer venue for the 1996 Olympics RFK
Do to a tee NAIL
Embroil DRAGIN
Family __ UNIT
Filmdom fraternity COENS
Fleeting romance IDYLL
Green shade MOSS
Guys who work with goats DAIRYMEN
Hall of fame, in headlines SHRINE
Hard to bend STRICT
Higher-up EXEC
How many in the Boomerang Generation live RENTFREE
Individual in question ONE
It's north of Cologne ESSEN
Jai alai shots CAROMS
Kremlin feature SPIRE
Clues Answers
Language of many Kosovars ROMANI
Like Dostoevsky's Raskolnikov GUILTRIDDEN
Memoir basis for ''What's Love Got to Do With It'' ITINA
Metaphor, e.g SYMBOL
Names on certain theater walls DONORS
Opposite of ''antsy'' SERENE
Oreos/marshmallows concoctions LUMPSOFCOAL
Part of Steinway's logo LYRE
Partner of 60 Down ONLY
Pepsi sub-brand LAYS
Person attempting a takeoff APER
Person on dozens of US stamps since 1966 MADONNA
Perspicacity ACUMEN
Political flap of 2003 CIAGATE
Procter & Gamble's first laundry soap OXYDOL
Relative of -ish OID
Repurposes artistically UPCYCLES
School that sounds cool? UCONN
Sherlock Holmes, in retirement APIARIST
Smallest of the amino acids GLYCINE
Solidarity signifier FIST
Some histrionics RANTS
Something worn by Miss Piggy BOA
Song that lost to ''Born Free'' on Oscar night ALFIE
Streamlines SLEEKENS
Subject of transhumanism CYBORG
Trailer group SCENES
Unwelcoming ICY
VIP at the ''Missouri'' surrender HALSEY
Where residents are often found ERS
Where Smokey Bear was first seen in CGI in 2008 PSA
__ Frog's (Mexican restaurant chain) SENOR
__ personality ONAIR
__ Society (Pacific Cities Sustainability sponsor) ASIA