The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26368 - March 24, 2016

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Clues Answers
'Baddie' artist's termed — not half RASCAL
Apartment housing a French exhibit prominently FLAUNT
Arrange to host university seminar? FORUM
Ask other cooks initially to bake this? SHORTCAKE
Attempt to eat meat, prime bit of expensive rubbish TRUMPERY
Attention given to female anxiety FEAR
Bit of poetry event is cut EPODE
British rescue vessel in bay BARK
Cheers most of the Americans missing start THANKS
Coats etc. were untidily packed in a tour abroad OUTERWEAR
Composer wants nothing very loud when singer finally enters ORFF
Country in the Balance — yen for end of war? LIBYA
Defensive attitude is nonsense, leading to awful enmity later BUNKERMENTALITY
Excellent article about that time in European capital? ATHENIAN
Horror and calamity unending around Turkey's capital DISTASTE
Clues Answers
In favour of healthy business surplus PROFIT
Indian with opinions only partially presented HOPI
Like traditional countryman seen as robust, ultimately getting scrawny TWEEDY
Love to lead congregation as in the past OFOLD
Noises in the country about new and exciting launch MOONSHOT
Remove newspaper headline after success in industrial negotiations? STRIKEOFF
Response when Conservative rises in the world CREATION
Sacred washing so unnecessary in granting of forgiveness ABLUTION
Steal old coin in church collection? PECULATE
Support given to use of whip gets strong adverse reaction BACKLASH
This person's into sport in German city WEIMAR
Time in driver's training device that may raise pulse rate? STIMULATOR
Uncle's aim, after training, is to be virile MASCULINE
Wit's sneer's so upsetting — the fellow admits that HORSESENSE