New York Times - Mar 22 2016

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Clues Answers
'Garfield' drooler ODIE
'Give ___ rest!' ITA
'Mazel ___!' TOV
'Yes sir' overseas SISENOR
3M product TAPE
Arouse, as curiosity PIQUE
Arthritis symptom ACHE
Artoo-___ DETOO
Be a toady FAWN
Big name in windows PELLA
Bone below the elbow ULNA
Bosox great Carl, familiarly YAZ
Botanist's specialty FLORA
Browning's 'How Do I Love Thee?' and others SONNETS
Bruce Lee's role in TV's 'The Green Hornet' KATO
California's ___ Sea SALTON
Car radio button AMFM
Cash caches, briefly ATMS
Clear, in a way DEFOG
Commercial ending with Water PIK
Common clown name BOBO
Concern for a fall gardener FROST
Consume too much of, in brief ODON
Cut drastically, as prices SLASH
D.D.E.'s charge in W.W. II ETO
Defeat soundly STOMP
Discussed, with 'out' HASHED
Easy mark SAP
Fail big-time BOMB
Fiji competitor DASANI
Fingers, as a perp IDS
Floor coat WAX
French female friend AMIE
Golf reservation TEETIME
Hershey toffee bar SKOR
Just as good NOWORSE
Longtime Sudanese president ___ al-Bashir OMAR
Losing some love handles, say ONADIET
Clues Answers
Manhattan neighborhood next to SoHo TRIBECA
Maxim magazine's intended audience MEN
New York's ___ Glen State Park WATKINS
Once-popular roadside chain, familiarly HOJO
One of six for an insect LEG
One way of ordering things, like all the consonants in rows three, six and nine ALPHABETIZATION
Org. shifted to the Dept. of Justice in 2003 ATF
Pan handler COOK
Part of QE2: Abbr ELIZ
Pet lovers' org SPCA
Precollege exams PSATS
Puff ___ ADDER
Puts on TV AIRS
Red-coated cheeses EDAMS
Rosary part BEAD
Self-confidence, slangily MOJO
Sheet rock? MICA
Sister fast-food chain of Carl's Jr HARDEES
SpongeBob or Scooby-Doo TOON
Stinger BEE
Sudoku solver's need LOGIC
Sunset prayer service VESPERS
The 'common' sort is said to be not so common SENSE
They're never away HOMEGAMES
Thick locks MANES
Timber feller AXE
Tiniest bit LEAST
Title rat of a 1972 film BEN
To any degree ATALL
Trot or canter GAIT
Unexpected hit SLEEPER
Walmart competitor TARGET
Wavy-patterned fabric MOIRE
Where scrubs are worn, for short ORS
Where ships get loaded QUAY
Workplace for some veterinarians ZOO
Yawn-provoking DULL
___ bear KOALA
___ Raton, Fla BOCA