USA Today - Mar 20 2016

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Clues Answers
"Beetle Bailey" pooch OTTO
"Come here ___?" OFTEN
"Hulk" director ___ Lee ANG
"Maybe later" NOTYET
"The doctor ___" ISIN
"We Can Do It!" poster woman ROSIE
A NAFTA signatory USA
A-list ELITE
Baker's hand-protectors MITTS
Best-suited ABLEST
Bickering, say ATIT
Biscotti flavoring ANISE
Cadillac Escalade, e.g SUV
Campaign poster word ELECT
Can't stomach DETEST
Canine visitor to Oz TOTO
Carvey, the "Church Lady" DANA
Cinders of old comics ELLA
CN Tower city TORONTO
Cockatoo topper CREST
Crow's-nest site MAST
Cyclotron bit ION
Dormer site ATTIC
Easter-basket chicks PEEPS
Features of most rock bands ELECTRICGUITARS
Financially solvent AFLOAT
Hard root beer, e.g ALCOPOP
Hat, in slang LID
Ill-fated lover ROMEO
In need of leveling UNEVEN
In ___ land (spaced out) LALA
Intro to physics? META
Is afflicted with HAS
Lab job TEST
Lacoste of tennis RENE
Late colleague of Sotomayor SCALIA
Like some signature lines DOTTED
Limerick, e.g POEM
Lunch and dinner REPASTS
Clues Answers
Mysterious old letter RUNE
No spring chicken AGED
One of the DiMaggios DOM
Out of whack AWRY
Paparazzo's shot PIC
Part of Ringo's kit DRUM
Planted bugs, say SPIED
Pleading kid's query CANI
Prozac maker ___ Lilly ELI
Pub round ALES
Put in sync ALIGN
Recreation areas with slides WATERTHEMEPARKS
Regal address SIRE
Result of a 1970s shortage GASSTATIONLINES
Rigel's constellation ORION
Rombauer of cookery IRMA
Scatter about STREW
Schedule segment SLOT
Selfish sort TAKER
Shepard in space ALAN
Sibling nickname SISSY
Sinks in the mud MIRES
Skateboarder's leap OLLIE
Sleeper's woe APNEA
Some dried fruits FIGS
Spill the beans TELL
Started a triathlon SWAM
Swiss army knife's many USES
Tex-Mex snack TACO
Type of too-long sentence RUNON
Untie, maybe SETFREE
Vintner's dregs LEES
Weasel kin prized for its fur MARTEN
Words to an old chap ISAY
Writer of a lyric 1-Across ODIST
___ broche (skewered) ALA
___ chi TAI