L.A. Times Daily - Mar 14 2016

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Clues Answers
"Applause, applause!" ... or what one might do in front of the last words of 20-, 29- and 46-Across GIVETHEMAHAND
"Inside" dope INFO
"Know what __?" IMEAN
"Mamma __!" MIA
"That being said ... " EVENSO
"The doctor __" ISIN
"Three-toed" leaf eaters SLOTHS
"Wheel of Fortune" co-host VANNA
"__ many cooks ... " TOO
Adjust one's sights REAIM
Air traffic org FAA
Amo, amas, __ AMAT
Apple music player IPODNANO
Army base nickname SARGE
At least one ANY
Balloon filler AIR
Billy's barnyard mate NANNYGOAT
Binge-watcher's device TIVO
Blood carrier ARTERY
Book of maps ATLAS
Bread unit LOAF
Cancel an edit STET
Casual tête-Г -tête CHAT
Civil Rights Memorial designer Maya __ LIN
Contented sounds AHS
Czech or Serb SLAV
Decorator's asset TASTE
DeGeneres of TV talk ELLEN
Director Wertmüller LINA
Dull one BORE
Estimate words ORSO
Fools with a fib LIESTO
Frasier's brother NILES
Furry TV E.T ALF
Game with cues POOL
Green energy type SOLAR
Hersey's "A Bell for __" ADANO
Immature insect LARVA
Clues Answers
Indent key TAB
Israeli intelligence group MOSSAD
Jacks in a deck KNAVES
Kid's sidewalk business LEMONADESTAND
Last word of "The Star-Spangled Banner" BRAVE
Like nonfiction TRUE
Like swan dives HEADFIRST
Loads (of) ATON
Masculine MANLY
Metrical foot, in poetry IAMB
Monopoly payments RENTS
Nestlé bottled water brand POLANDSPRING
Olympic competitors ATHLETES
Once-sacred Egyptian snakes ASPS
Part of "Hamlet" in which Ophelia drowns ACTIV
Pay hike RAISE
PCs made by Big Blue IBMS
Pic, in ads FOTO
Place setting setting TABLE
Plowing measures ACRES
Post office purchase STAMP
Prefix with foam STYRO
RR stop STN
Saddle or sofa SEAT
Secret __: spy AGENT
Singer LaBelle or LuPone PATTI
Sixth sense, briefly ESP
Skinny Olive and family OYLS
Soda fountain order VANILLASHAKE
Summer, in France ETE
Upper limb ARM
Whiskers spot CHIN
Wife of Zeus HERA
Woman with an online list ANGIE
Word before circle or city INNER
Yield from a heist HAUL
Young Darth's nickname ANI