Wall Street Journal - Mar 12 2016 - Irrational Exuberance

Clues Answers
'...partridge in ___ tree' APEAR
'Always in motion is the future' speaker YODA
'Hello, Young Lovers' singer ANNA
'My lips ___ sealed' ARE
'O patria mia' singer AIDA
'Take ___ from me...' ATIP
'Uh-uh' NOPE
'Vissi d'arte' singer TOSCA
Abbr. often under a zero OPER
Act the vamp ENTICE
At hand NEAR
Athlete's words to the camera HIMOM
Bathwater tester TOE
Big bustles ADOS
Bill stamp PAID
Biotech material DNA
Blade in a boat OAR
Blockhead prone to jabbing people? STUPIDPOKER
Blow hard PANT
Brigadier general's insignia ONESTAR
Brown, perhaps SAUTE
Bruce Banner's alter ego THEHULK
Burlesque accessories BOAS
Cantina freebie AGUA
Caravan stops OASES
Carnival craft LINER
Character with a TV playhouse PEEWEE
Chip available in Jacked flavors DORITO
Christian from Normandy DIOR
City in California's wine country LODI
Come to understand LEARN
Comedy player at first WHO
Common Market initials EEC
Count's equivalent EARL
Cry from the bleachers RAH
Directional suffix ERN
Driver's need TEE
Dubai bigwig EMIR
Dust Bowl figure OKIE
Electrically excitable cell NEURON
Elvis's birthplace TUPELO
Energetic reporter NEWSHAWK
Etiquette expert Baldrige LETITIA
Even prime TWO
Fascinated by INTO
Fictional thief Arsene LUPIN
Flyers landing in the Sahara? SANDPILOTS
Flying Cloud, e.g REO
French director Resnais ALAIN
From Vientiane, say LAOTIAN
Get the measure of ASSESS
Golfer Toledo ESTEBAN
Grafton's '___ for Lawless' LIS
Grounds for a poor penmanship grade? SPIKYWRITING
Half the radius times the circumference AREA
He got an Oscar for 'An Officer and a Gentleman' GOSSETT
Headey of 'Game of Thrones' LENA
Hebrew letter after lamed MEM
High dudgeon IRE
Honeydew cousins CASABAS
Indifferent reply SOWHAT
Isn't upright LEANS
Item used by a Detroit player autographing footballs? THELIONSSHARPIE
Justice Dept. org DEA
Keystone Studios character KOP
Kick ___ fuss UPA
La Scala, e.g TEATRO
Let loose UNLEASH
Levi's Stadium team NINERS
Like some statesmen ELDER
Clues Answers
List-shortening abbr ETC
Love, to Latin lovers AMOR
Low-carb plan ATKINSDIET
MADD ad, e.g PSA
Makeup kit item GLOSS
Man of morals AESOP
Massage recipient's output AHS
Midweek occasion for great foolishness? APISHWEDNESDAY
Milker's mouthful CUD
Minimal amounts TRACES
Neighbor of Sierra Leone LIBERIA
Nickname of Haiti's Francois Duvalier PAPADOC
Old PC monitor CRT
Passes over SKIPS
Paste-up piece REPRO
Pendulum path ARC
Pitcher's perch SLAB
Pledge drive giveaway TOTE
Port at the mouth of the Red Sea ADEN
Pound inhabitant DOG
Powerful bunch INS
Prepared ALLSET
Quaint footwear SPATS
Quickly, in the emergency room STAT
Rapper's call OPENUP
Relieved cry ATLAST
Research aid GRANTS
Reserved SHY
Respecting ASTO
Searched thoroughly SWEPT
Seasonal staffer TEMP
Secured WON
Separations SPLITUPS
Shade suppliers for baseball players and coaches? DUGOUTCANOPIES
Shoe store purchases LACES
Shut off KILL
Simile center ASA
Sistine ceiling figure ADAM
Skateboarders catch it AIR
Snickering sound HEH
Soprano Tebaldi RENATA
Sorrowful sigh ALAS
Sounds signaling telephone surveys? OPINIONRINGS
Soup legume LENTIL
Source of fossilized iMammoths? APPLETARPIT
Spanish count start UNO
Stock holder PEN
Suffering ILL
They go downhill SLEDS
They might be tight or loose ENDS
Tightening muscles TENSORS
Time when shoplifting was the rage? SWIPINGERA
Tom's 'Mission: Impossible' role ETHAN
Tow truck WRECKER
Trigonometry focus ANGLES
TV screen array DIODES
Unborn twin CLONE
Undivided ENTIRE
Unwelcome visitor GRIMREAPER
Utter nonsense ROT
Waldorf salad bit WALNUT
Was acquainted with KNEW
Watson's portrayer on 'Elementary' LIU
What the weary get, so they say NOREST
Where the heart is TORSO
Without a resumption date SINEDIE
Wriggly swimmer EEL
You should avoid getting on a dangerous person's BADSIDE
___ One (vodka brand) KETEL