Ink Well xwords - May 23 2008

Clues Answers
'A Man Needs ___' (Neil Young song) AMAID
'Happy Days' sobriquet FONZ
'It ___ what you think!' ISNT
'Ordem e Progresso' nación BRASIL
'Six Feet Under' creator ALANBALL
2001 Ken Burns subject JAZZ
Alexei who played on the U.S. Olympic soccer team in 1992 and 1996 LALAS
Beseeches BEGS
Breaks down, in a way CRIES
Broaden, as a pupil DILATE
Castmate of Estelle, Betty, and Rue BEA
Championship, metonymically RING
Checkers verb KING
Dejected statement ICANTWIN
Difficult beast to ride into battle? WARCHICKEN
Dillydally LAG
Effort involving umbrellas and no-slip stair treads? RAINSAFETY
End of ___ ANERA
Figure near the gates SCALPER
Free junk SWAG
French 101 word OUI
Garbage DRECK
Generally forbidden (but highly useful) crossword puzzle entry ENEMA
Half of an ancient Chinese symbol YIN
Half of an ill-fated 1991 film duo LOUISE
He hosted the first episode of 'Saturday Night Live' CARLIN
High-tech hay facility? MODERNBARN
Increasingly quaint musical storage option CDCASE
Infernal NETHER
Landers and Coulter ANNS
Let off ACQUIT
Like some fiction and photography EROTIC
Machu Picchu inhabitants INCAS
Mao's org. PLA
Missile's path ARC
Moisturizer, perhaps CREAM
Clues Answers
Mojo ___ ('Powerfpuff Girls' character) JOJO
New Zealand rock group Split ___ ENZ
Nonessential internal organ SPLEEN
Place for some notes END
Plants again RESOWS
Platonic thing IDEAL
Reason for some produce recalls ECOLI
Sell (for) REP
Sell, at least for a while PAWN
Sharpness ACUITY
Sherpa carrier YAK
Sign above a DJ booth ONAIR
Singer Jane Siberry's new name, as of 2006 ISSA
Ski trail PISTE
Social networking site suffix STER
Sock pattern ARGYLE
Sole problem? ODOR
Storm dir. NNE
Straight order to go with your digestif CAFENOIR
Studio One genre SKA
Surgeon's asset SUREHAND
Swedish actress Lena OLIN
Tease RIB
Thanksgiving day: Abbr. THUR
The launch of fifty fireworks in the span of a minute, say FINALE
They extend sentences ANDS
Things from a registry PRESENTS
Top 5 song by Sarah McLachlan ADIA
Trendy Australian boots UGGS
U.S. vaccine authority FDA
Walker who created Canadian Club whiskey HIRAM
Washington airport SEATAC
Wild West figure Bill CODY
Word that may follow either word in 17-, 30-, 46-, and 62-Across DANCE
___ chi TAI