Universal - Mar 8 2016

Clues Answers
"It's OK after all" in editing STET
"The ___ Ranger" LONE
"You're it!" TAG
All excited AFIRE
Anti-apartheid party, for short ANC
Any police vehicle UNIT
Arduous TAXING
Asian capital HANOI
At an impasse STUCK
Baseball catcher's position SQUAT
Beatty of "Reds" WARREN
Bond's bar order MARTINISHAKEN
Born to the purple REGAL
Bride's title MRS
Certifiable INSANE
Classic song by the Eagles TEQUILASUNRISE
Colonist to be shunned LEPER
Columbus' birthplace GENOA
Dignified "Shucks!" ALAS
Driftwood site SHORE
Eggnog spice NUTMEG
Ending passage in music CODA
False cover GUISE
Folk-rocker DiFranco ANI
Folklore fiend OGRE
Ford product CAR
Gasoline and kerosene, for two FUELS
Get ready for the operating room PREP
Golden-calf maker AARON
Goon squad member THUG
Had a bite ATE
Hardness scale MOHS
Highway exit RAMP
Hot-sauce quality ZEST
Hurricane heading, sometimes ENE
Indigenous people of Japan AINU
Iron ___ (rust) OXIDE
It may be found in runes NORSE
It's fed to computers DATA
Clues Answers
Jazz players are found here UTAH
Jessica of TV and film ALBA
Jimmy Buffett classic song MARGARITAVILLE
Lie in store for AWAIT
Like a squid's squirt INKY
Little salamander NEWT
Maitre d's offering MENU
Natural gas component ETHANE
No longer fresh STALE
No ___ Traffic THRU
Not to FRO
Org. with a crack staff? DEA
Pitchfork point TINE
Pleasant to be around NICE
Poet William Butler YEATS
Poker variety STUD
Prepare to propose KNEEL
Protective envelope MAILER
Replayed tennis shot LET
Rolled-over item IRA
Romanian currency LEU
Rug stat AREA
Scottish terrier SKYE
Send in, as payment REMIT
Small cyst WEN
Small details MINUTIAE
Snarls, as traffic TIESUP
Strange craft UFO
Third letter of the Greek alphabet GAMMA
Those who lived long ago ANCIENTS
Toddler's afternoon ritual NAP
Tonic's go-with GIN
Tunnel-entrance structure TOLLGATE
Ukrainian capital KIEV
Utter SAY
Variety of apple RUSSET
Voicemail signal TONE
Without a single defeat UNBEATEN
Wood finishing tool ADZ