The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 26,826 - Mar 8 2016

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Clues Answers
A number of workers with joint occupation TENANTSHIP
Artist's dry, taking off coat HIRST
Bankrupt's lamenting having wasted £1,000 RUIN
Bear with totally heartless employer? One gets fired LUGER
Boy to betray embarrassment, holding another boy's hand ROYALFLUSH
Bread gets left inside jar CLASH
Buzzing used to be on the radio WHIR
Criminal charge extremely heavy after one's put in can for life BIOGRAPHY
Enduring stick, going through high seas AGELESS
Fanatic — he willingly boxes champ CHEW
Foolish god offered up lily-like flower AMARYLLIS
Going to store outside of Everton for baking ingredient LEAVENING
It's put on eggs bishop's eaten ROBE
Joke without malice but with some bite PUNGENTLY
Long time before noon YEARN
Modern musician's anxiety broaching grand finale in opera GANGSTA
Clues Answers
Northerly Polish mother country, as was BURMA
Part of Laurel and Hardy not hard to find in a fable that's silly BAYLEAF
Past tax cut gets acclaim EXTOL
Play down bribe with newspaper in dodgy deal SOFTPEDAL
Poster plugging good show is boasting BRAVADO
Preferring to be in hot seat — and may need grilling STAYATHOME
Run in running pump? Not in the main ONSHORE
Some of capital loans tend, unfortunately, to secure nothing EASTLONDON
Spikes drink, with Sprites passed round IMPALES
Spin from ex-PM about dissolute man back in office PIROUETTE
They say who's written Times columns BYLINES
Tsetse flies around, covering capital of African lands ESTATES
Vacuous geezer, a twit or dope GRASS
We're told stable food recipe — covered in sauce, it's magic! HEYPRESTO
What may be dropped in 3 with a feeling of irritation AITCH
With hair receding, this paper's boss is in love ENAMOURED