Wall Street Journal - Mar 8 2016 - Poker Party

Clues Answers
'Bali ___' ('South Pacific' song) HAI
'Imagine' singer LENNON
'Let's Stay Together' singer ALGREEN
'The Audacity of Hope' writer OBAMA
'You bet!' YES
'You've got that right!' AMEN
'___ Baby' (song from 'Hair') ABIE
1992 David Mamet play OLEANNA
A little more than 907 kilograms TON
Aboard ONTO
Agreeable NICE
Agreeable PLEASING
Amorphous mass BLOB
Ancient manual of divination ICHING
Arizona native HOPI
Author Ferber EDNA
Bach composition SONATA
Bloke CHAP
C.S. Lewis's Aslan, for one LION
Caiman's cousin CROC
Capital of South Australia ADELAIDE
Citta del Vaticano setting ROMA
Clothing, informally DUDS
Cry like a baby BAWL
Egyptian serpent ASP
Fine distinction NUANCE
Geometric expanse PLANE
Humiliated ABASED
Hunger signal PANG
Hypnotic state TRANCE
Ingredient of some piecrusts LARD
Its moons include Titan and Rhea SATURN
King Kong, for one APE
Love, along the Loire AMOUR
Make-up artist? LIAR
Much of the Earth's core IRON
Noggin BEAN
Clues Answers
Nuisance at the bank LINE
Objective END
Of inferior quality POOR
Originally ATFIRST
Painter of Picassos, say FORGER
Patrick in the Basketball Hall of Fame EWING
Philadelphia university founded by a minister TEMPLE
Physicist Hans who studied radiation GEIGER
Poker activity for a kidnapper? BLINDFOLDING
Poker activity for a nasty person? NAMECALLING
Poker activity for an Amish man? BARNRAISING
Poker activity for an architect? SCALEDRAWING
Poker payment ANTE
Poker player's 'bullet' ACE
Pork cut LOIN
Pre-med course BIO
Professional poet BARD
Proof of fallibility ERASURE
Prove one's fallibility ERR
Puck serves him OBERON
Put back together MEND
Scrambled wd ANAG
Sharif of 'Funny Girl' OMAR
Sights at malls on Black Friday CROWDS
Sign on a store door OPEN
Signal at Sotheby's NOD
Signal to go on CUE
Smidgen IOTA
Spot for care instructions LABEL
StubHub's parent company EBAY
The going rate? AIRFARE
Tips of wingtips TOES
Top bond rating AAA
U.S. painter John Singer ___ SARGENT
Woes for drug kingpins RAIDS
___ & Young (auditing firm) ERNST
___ Aviv TEL