- Mar 4 2016

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Clues Answers
''Beetle Bailey'' character SARGE
Abraham's eldest ISHMAEL
Accelerant-caused offense ARSON
Affix with heat, in a way IRONON
Be a fan of ADMIRE
Boiling HOT
Bowled over AWED
Bring up the rear TRAIL
Brunch serving MIMOSA
Bummed out SAD
Cannes confidante AMIE
Cause for congratulations JOBWELLDONE
Certain trainees-to-be RAWRECRUITS
Chi preceder TAI
City east of El Paso ODESSA
Declare null ABROGATE
Deliberate MEANT
Dr Pepper sister brand NEHI
Erstwhile orbiter MIR
Fiddle's two-time follower DEE
Frolics about GAMBOLS
Fun and games, for short REC
Hasty retreat LAM
Ill-conceived concoction HALFBAKEDSCHEME
Insiders' talk ARGOT
Inspiration for ''Wicked'' BAUM
Irish county CLARE
Jackson Hole's county TETON
Justice Dept. agency DEA
Keypad trio JKL
Last word of a Bogart title MADRE
M&Ms' leaders, per Mars REDS
Makes a bundle BALES
Master ACE
Minimally ATAD
Clues Answers
Minor quarrels SCRAPS
NCR product ATM
Nettle IRK
Novelist Oz AMOS
One under 18, in legalese INFANT
Part of some college nicknames TECH
Person from Yalta CRIMEAN
Polish dumpling PIROGI
Prep period LEADTIME
Pulverize MASH
Put on ice INSURE
Quatrain scheme ABAB
Scratch (out) EKE
Serpentine shape ESS
Shakespearean king OBERON
She turned down the lead in ''Sunset Boulevard'' GARBO
Sly character RAMBO
Smash at the theater HIT
Some tkt. sellers AGTS
Spell starter ABRA
Spooky sound CREAK
Squares up EVENS
Swelters FRIES
Take badly RESENT
Tea-table treat SCONE
Three-Pulitzer playwright ALBEE
Three-way joint TEE
Took a shine to FANCIED
TV mogul's autobiography MERV
Unvarying SAME
Weak-__ (timid) KNEED
Wetland MARSH
Whodunit staple ALIBI
Wind down ABATE
Winter weather ICESTORM
World's largest peninsula ARABIA
Yorkshire city LEEDS